Nothing is simple as it seems

This is called a good job, but also a great workout ..
otherwise I do not like to lounge around and waste time and luckily there is something old to handle my way ..
Of course this is my little video recorded difficult because in one hand and hold the camera with the other hand are attempting to show my work.
This is a picture of a crazy angle, I wanted to show the depth of the cut actually carvings.
from this angle recording this on a chair looks like a hand-painted chairs with specific motive; but that's all carved, not too deep for us to prevent easy processing..otherwise I'm more for the more modern versions of the design / painting, but this test was the simplest.
for easy removal "lacquer for wood"of the tree there is a machine that emits very hot air ..
These are the images transferred to my channel for easier presentation
I would have preferred that I produce my own chair but all this requires investment in machinery..looks good but we need to practice with handling tools.
Moreover, we still have today tried¨¨

otherwise this is not recommend this is only my own experiment,
naturally paints for glass, metal, porcelain / durability, feasibility-maintaining/ my own artwork, I've only a few drops of paint and we tried to apply it to the sink-drawing irrelevant.
I'm interested in murals and other large surfaces but only in my home;trying to think and refresh all in the house.
what is today was for lunch::::

believe it or not, fish soup, boiled fish, vegetables
a bit of olive and olive oil and of course the Mediterranean spice.