Quilt art

Quilt art, sometimes known as art quilting, is an art form that uses both modern and traditional quilting techniques to create art objects. Practitioners of quilt art create it based on their experiences, imagery, and ideas rather than traditional patterns. Quilt art generally has more in common with the fine arts than it does with traditional quilting.
I tried to take a little step away from everything and devote ourselves to research this topic; it took about 4.5 hours and the pain in the spine.

we did not know that this is still a difficult project ;necessary a lot of time, patience and ingenuity, this is a little freestyle interwoven memories.
 quilting techniques, traditionally used by women, became prominent in the making of fine arts.
artist and designer who encouraged women to create their own new designs based on their own experiences, surroundings and ideas rather than traditional patterns."
A quilted work of art is generally defined as two layers of cloth held together by stitching. In most cases, a middle batting layer made of polyester, cotton, wool or silk is also incorporated.
Although quilt art originated in traditional quilting techniques, quilt artists now may use many different processes to create their artwork, including painting, dyeing, stamping, piecing, collage, printing (often incorporating a photograph printed onto fabric), applique, and other complex cloth
Of course we handle the sewing machine but that is not my profession;
We can say that this Contemporary quilt, "discovered" by folk art ..
This is my little snapshot, possible to have a stitch on the machine and another record
Designs can be geometric and formal or imaginative. Patchwork blocks were initially created individually, accumulated over time, by use of scrap and salvaged material. Geometric designs were the most efficient way to aggregate fabric into useful units. Applique, where a piece of fabric is layered on top of the a base or "ground" fabric and then the cut edges are folded under and sewn down, is not limited to simple geometric designs.
When art and expression permeates, the materials are old and wool we add sewing on this work, in the same moment of artistic eco-friendly.
the originality looks better than in the photo, of course there is a certain relief and motifs, if you have a color for textiles free something else you can paint with a brush.The colors and little vagueness; but it's still hours of stitching and of course we have not finished..