the new look

It is worn long, short, flat, asymmetrical. ... This means that easy if you get bored, you can change your bob and modified so as not to constantly be the same.
beautiful, long, healthy and shiny hair. One of the most recognizable symbols of female beauty hair but in this case we're talking about mature women, healthy decisions, tipping and practicality.
hair health;
normal is not a sign of health when the hair breaks of up to 50 or 60 cm, and every day we leave the comb on a handful of long hairs that end up in the trash or toilet or tangled in the sump of the tub;luckily adult women it resolved that the net outflow of water, but in most cases they do husbands..In some newspaper articles says that it is normal to lose 100 hairs a day; I disagree, if we multiply that by 31 days or a couple of months ..

Whatever the issue in question (hair loss, dandruff ..) or hair type (dry, oily), it is possible to deeply transform the care of the scalp to the fibers, but only if it is natural, untreated overly aggressive Products.
While eye says that the mirror of the soul, it is less known that the quality, length and color of hair outline the condition of our spirit.

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