The profile = end lines

express your fashion concept is applicable in all circumstances.

Some of my previous looks-usually realistic, but also imaginary and often romanticized,sometimes humorous view the person who exaggerates and distorts the salient features of the individual portrayed.

Profile is one way to portray, images displayed on the side of the head, at an angle of 90 °. A profile can be left or right, depending on which side of the head is turned. If the angle between the head en face and profile, discusses the semi. Some use the term "three-quarter profile" of the half-angle of 45 ° head. If the angle of the head is greater than 90 °, such a profile called profile perdu (lost profile). The profile can, as well as the portrait, refer only to the image of the head, but also the chest, and the whole figure of a person.

In a broader sense can mean personal characteristic ("individuality which is reflected in the taste and the works of a person)"
changes looks with the help of small steps, to represent me as mere mortals who do not perform experiments or does from necessity, but it makes for pleasure.
to indicate to me that is not my job, but I enjoy in free spirit..
 I try to be myself