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in air

birdhas recently
come to light..
This issomethingofrecent workoractions newglamor,something preciousthat shouldmake sense
 is an excellentbase forwall clock;) What else isin mymagicscrapbook¨¨ except me? yarn or wool bowl onmyway,we still have towork.. we have notrecordedthe whole processbecauseprocessingneedhands; we returned  by acryliccolor.. Basically thisis not a cheap *hobby? NormallyI'm going crazybecauseIwantedkilnfor ceramicsandglass;(careful what you wish¨¨allwhat youhave seen so faris not easy ,school istough...wherethewool;two hands (not four)and there will bethatwith time.

"Abode of snows"

The firstphilosophersassumed thatthe
planetswithinrevolvearound the sun,and thatthe axis of rotationmust be
perpendicular to theorbital plane.When thedirectastronomical observations
shown thatthis is not true, the findings aredeclaredblasphemous,
because theinstructionsat the thoughtthatGod's workis not
soperfectly. This iswas not easyas a feather;relaxedsomewhatecstatically a world inwhichthe
Platolocatedthe lostAtlantishad tobe much
different fromthe worldwe knowtoday. Thecommon manis always
easierto think aboutspiritual matters. "Andsprout
the green herbyielding seedafter his kind,
andthe tree yielding fruit, in which istheirseed,each
according to its kind" BlessedIslands At some pointin the
north-but alsothevast expanses oficeAntarctica
-There wasperhapsmuch warmerclimatethan it is today.Question
read:"When?" Although inprevioushistory recorded
ONLYFOURSUPERNOVA...this giantstellar
Average every30 years.One of them
It was theVela supernova... 

discussions between theoreticians

despite theice
 believe it or notnutshellis excellentfortreatmentbutitis notmymedium ofcreation;we were able tocarvethe basic shapeof a flowertothe test. beech;thiswasuphill struggle gave upcuttingwith a hand sawandbegan tocultivatethefinefrom the outside,we wanted tomake a smallornamentalwoodencarvedbox This is atoolfor fine processing,witha handax, wecut downto the endin order tomanage to geta height of10cm.. ¨¨fostersartistic traditionfrom the period
Pleistocene,whichcontinuedwithout interruptionto the modern
the scientific consensus itspioneerswere facedwith many
evidence that theyarenot so long agoon Earthoccurredgreat changes.
Somethingpolished itandscraped thesurface of therocks,and the world is
wasstrewn withdebris.Across theplanetwere scattered
literallymillionsof so-called"wandering"stone
boulders.Have occurredin themost unusual places:the
arecarefully placedontop of the mountains,buryingthevalley
orarelonelystandingin the meadows.The question t…

Gulliver's Travels to various nations in the world

an excursion on foot promenade Type ofworks:
Travelogueadventurenovel take a leisurely walk, ride, or drive in public, especially to meet or be seen by others.   Scientistsdescribe itas alinearprogress,the inevitable
Developmentofsimpleto complicated,fromprimitive
according tothe Advanced,fromrawtoprofinjenome,ofignorance
towards understanding. notsix incheshighbutverysympathetic , practicalandpleasingandbeloved bycreator tolearnthe technique offiligreeandcreate anaestheticallyvaluableworksandberecognizedfor their skillprocessing . so farmost ofthe actionstaking placein myliving room,butWinterisnormallynot desirableglass dust,wood dust,paintbrushesandallthe paper,it is no longerliving¨roombutdreamsworkshop.
¨¨It is believedthat scientistsprehistoric
civilizationable to accuratelycalculate thedurationof solaryear,with
deviationofjusttwo seconds...that itsgeographers
accuratelymeasured thecircumference of the Earth...that itsmathematicians
knownsphericaltrigonometry...that itsastronomersknow

focus on global wood-carving

It is notthe textof themad scientistorAlibabaandoutlaws;just a simpleladywithcertainpreferences,talents,virtues.. the action or skill of carving wood to make functional or ornamental objects. happy,excitedandjusthonored,red winefor the end;Thisboardhasearnedherselfa break". otherwiseIdo notconsumealcohol.. onthismyfootagehavebetter insightforbetterqualityphotosof my work Where did thefashion-consciouslady,the #ladyrestingin a different wayfrom the rest ofthe world.. We startedworking withthe verymiddle ofthe plate.("Ofbird)
andfurtherwork isledtowards theirdirection. implies a pride in one's own work an act of  participating in a public event. we have triedtoshowyouin a different way,by recordingcameraworksoriginality, makes or creates things by hand that may be functional or strictly decorative the restbelongs tohistoryandart Prevođenje teksta ili web stranice My firstworkin this way Upišite tekst ili adresu web lokacije ili prevedite dokument Otkaži Prikazan je prijevod za pokušal…

jewelers universe

Whosaysofbrokenmaterialcan notcreate amasterpiece, I'm here todispelsomeprejudices.
Maybealittlecuriousjuvenilemature"having notimethrough theyouthto get acquaintedwitha lot ofthe many topicsthat make upour universecreation, for lack ofteacherswhowillintroducemetoall thethemesof the science ofmanandnature;can you justshortlivesthatwouldhave gone tohis ownmountaindevelopment, notthe environmentthat limitsbecause it isdedicated totheir ownsuccesses, developmentsandadvances.

forsomeitisjusta brokenmatter; forsometrashandbrokenbowloffruit, something thatwas notbeforehadvalue" through thefindingof self;Thiswasonlycracked.. A bitof philosophythrough the cracksin theworkandactivities, notweirdformy age.. that thebowlstillhas apurpose, modern furnishingsasthe firstpurpose;engravingonmywayandpaintingdesireto give a littlegold.My looks are notthe origin ofbohemians¨¨littlewonderthe moodinmind. texture, engraving, painted mystical, classical, modern royalblue

a woman in blogs

a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis..
also known as inner voice, internal speech, or verbal stream of consciousness is thinking in words¨ ¨ actionin the kitchen, a littlenewflavorand aromaandforbiddendelicacy

Sometimes it isdifficult todrive thisbus, too many wordsortoo fewletters, a lot ofplans, some time..
upside down; onlypictures rashness butwithexcellent results easein preparation, selectionof foodstowards you, challenges.

The teacher who walks in the shadow of the temple

believe it or not,the Internetis soabsorbed inour sensesandtake awayour attentionfrom whatwe're up todo.(#toremind myselfwhat wesometimes happens);titledeservesbettertext,the wordsandthe meaning ofmeaning¨¨SinceRubik's Cubemakeunderstandingthe universe,based onmoreorlessspontaneouslyandunconsciouslyobservationsabout whatI create.

cuts away at the glass surface to create the desired effect, the deeper the cut.Crazycustominlate-nightdrink coffeewith  computerwhilewritingposts,think andread,a bitworried about theglassparticlesinvisible to the eyebutwe boughta mask .. technique's rediscovery technical knowledge for creating millefiori was lost by the eighteenth century.. gointo the depthof glass, this is notcrystal,butwe have achievedthis effect..
and then subsequently grinding and #polishing the glass
 uniqueworkdonewithengravingon glasspaintedartisticallyuniqueway distinctive design traditions, character and atmosphere. should not be confused with decorated objects in "pain…

engraving on interior glass door

process of shaping own interior space "One of my strongest convictions, and one of the first canons of good taste, is that our houses, like the fish’s shell and the bird’s nest, ought to represent our individual taste and habits." noveltywith the helpof their ownhandsin order torefresh thespacewherewe inhabitmost of the day. sometimessaythat women aretoo complicatedandtoo demandingandthatmost thingsare workingoutsomeboredom, nothisis not forbloggingorpopularity, refreshmentsmeansspring. how much iswhatI sharewith all of you, this workisinvaluable, requiresa lot of time, becauseI workat the frontandthe back sidefora certain effect.

maybeforsometoo much detail,butI see itonmy doorin the living roomsomethinguniqueandartisticcomplex;Glassisquitethin,so wesurfaceonlylightlyengraved.

Excessivesurfaceandrequiresa lot of time,practical contact with and observation of facts or events.

melee in the penalty area

interestingnameformineaction; buy atooltorelieveyou, butherselfsohinders the workbecause it is avery sensitivezone; Soccer field(or soccer field), placetheenactmentof anysoccer game. Dimensionsandsymbols are as definedin the firstlawof footballrules. Thislawis called"football pitch". Durationsoccer gameis the timedetermined by thefootballrules. The matchconsists oftwoequalpartsof time(half) between whichplayers havethe right to rest, andoftwoequaladditionalperiodsof play(extensions) ifthiscompetition regulationsstipulate. I can notcompete witha mechanicallaserandserial production, norI want tocompetewithothers; thisisa special, processedanddone on my way. I donotdowhattheymostlove;I do whatmakesmesatisfaction, developnew questionsandadoptnew techniquesandknowledge. underestimation questionreceive! sinonimi: be given, be presented with, be awarded, collect, garner
(understand, comprehend, know, realize, see, receive) Walkthrough the art ofhuman activitywithproductof human activitywhic…

murmur in the kitchen

a soft, indistinct sound made by a person or group of people speaking quietly or at a distance. "his voice was little more than a murmur"of course!
This wordhad become arole model"excellent,tastywithvariations saltOptional,as well asfillings;available to be chosen but not obligatory..rolledpizza,saltysticks..share it withfamily members, taking caretoHealth.

Testing the Limits of Porcelain

I can only saythat"arthurts.. Of coursethatsometimesitselfcomplicateenforcementactions;do not do thatunless you haveall the necessarymachinery,tools with specificpower. Porcelainis"acollectivetermcomprisingallof ceramicwarethat iswhiteandtranslucent,no matter whatingredientsareusedto make itortowhatuse itistime." Testing the Limits of Porcelain ;" differencebetweenporcelainandwomen; solidandstablebutfragileanddelicatewith style. cupwasdamaged,we triedtheprocessandrebuildandgetsomething else,differentandspecial.. Of course it isnormalto takethe clay, theprocessisin theform,dry with,decorateorcarveinanotherparticular stateand onlyputthe glazeandbake .Thisis called "heavymission"withcertainresults,good toI do not havementors..No, do notdo thisat home,there isthe ordercreation .. Porcelain is a ceramic material made by heating materials, generally including kaolin, in a kiln to temperatures between 1,200 and 1,400 °C (2,200 and 2,600 °F). The toughness, strength a…

aesthetically challenging artworks

Glass engraving encompasses a variety of techniques. One notable form is intaglio work, with images and inscriptions cut into the surface of the glass through abrasion. Glass engraving tools are therefore small abrasive wheels and drills, with small lathes often used.Other forms of engraving are "stipple" and "drypoint" in which the surface of the glass is abraded with the use of small diamond tipped burrs. The scratches and small dots made in this method can, in the hands of a skilled artist, be used to produce images of astonishing clarity and detail.