"Abode of snows"

The first philosophers assumed that the
planets within revolve around the sun, and that the axis of rotation must be
perpendicular to the orbital plane. When the direct astronomical observations
shown that this is not true, the findings are declared blasphemous,
because the instructions at the thought that God's work is not
so perfectly.
This is was not easy as a feather; relaxed somewhat ecstatically
a world in which the
Plato located the lost Atlantis had to be much
different from the world we know today.
The common man is always
easier to think about spiritual matters.
"And sprout
the green herb yielding seed after his kind,
and the tree yielding fruit, in which is their seed, each
according to its kind "
 Blessed Islands
At some point in the
north - but also the vast expanses of ice Antarctica
- There was perhaps much warmer climate than it is today. Question
read: "When?"
Although in previous history recorded
ONLY FOUR SUPERNOVA ... this giant stellar
Average every 30 years. One of them
It was the Vela supernova.