discussions between theoreticians

despite the ice
blanket and eternal ice

believe it or not nutshell is excellent for treatment but it is not my medium of creation; we were able to carve the basic shape of a flower to the test.
beech; this was uphill struggle
gave up cutting with a hand saw and began to cultivate the fine from the outside, we wanted to make a small ornamental wooden carved box
This is a tool for fine processing,with a hand ax, we cut down to the end in order to manage to get a height of 10 cm..
¨¨fosters artistic tradition from the period
Pleistocene, which continued without interruption to the modern
the scientific consensus
its pioneers were faced with many
evidence that they are not so long ago on Earth occurred great changes.
Something polished it and scraped the surface of the rocks, and the world is
was strewn with debris. Across the planet were scattered
literally millions of so-called "wandering" stone
boulders. Have occurred in the most unusual places: the
are carefully placed on top of the mountains, burying the valley
or are lonely standing in the meadows. The question that is troubling
First and geologists was: What is moved and boulders?
of course there is a continuation # not today, a break from the media called beech.