Gulliver's Travels to various nations in the world

 an excursion on foot
Type of works:
Travelogue adventure novel
take a leisurely walk, ride, or drive in public, especially to meet or be seen by others.

This is one of my Lilliputian, originally designed dried a few days on the air hand painted and protected by varnish


Scientists describe it as a linear progress, the inevitable
Development of simple to complicated, from primitive
according to the Advanced, from raw to profinjenome, of ignorance
towards understanding.
Thus it was at the beginning
not six inches high but very sympathetic , practical and pleasing and beloved by creator
to learn the technique of filigree and create an aesthetically valuable works and be recognized for their skill processing .
so far most of the actions taking place in my living room, but Winter is normally not desirable glass dust, wood dust, paint brushes and all the paper, it is no longer living¨room but dreams workshop.

¨¨It is believed that scientists prehistoric
civilization able to accurately calculate the duration of solar year, with
deviation of just two seconds ... that its geographers
accurately measured the circumference of the Earth ... that its mathematicians
known spherical trigonometry ... that its astronomers know
of Jupiter's moons and Saturn's satellites.¨¨