jewelers universe

Who says of broken material can not create a masterpiece, I'm here to dispel some prejudices.
Maybe a little curious juvenile mature"having no time through the youth to get acquainted with a lot of the many topics that make up our universe creation, for lack of teachers who will introduce me to all the themes of the science of man and nature;can you just short lives that would have gone to his own mountain development, not the environment that limits because it is dedicated to their own successes, developments and advances.

artistic activity
for some it is just a broken matter; for some trash and broken bowl of fruit, something that was not before had value"
through the finding of self;This was only cracked..
A bit of philosophy through the cracks in the work and activities, not weird for my age ..
that the bowl still has a purpose, modern furnishings as the first purpose;engraving on my way and painting desire to give a little gold.My  looks are not the origin of bohemians¨¨little wonder the mood in mind.
texture, engraving, painted
mystical, classical, modern
royal blue