melee in the penalty area

 interesting name for mine action; buy a tool to relieve you, but herself so hinders the work because it is a very sensitive zone;
Soccer field (or soccer field), place the enactment of any soccer game. Dimensions and symbols are as defined in the first law of football rules. This law is called "football pitch".
Duration soccer game is the time determined by the football rules. The match consists of two equal parts of time (half) between which players have the right to rest, and of two equal additional periods of play (extensions) if this competition regulations stipulate.
I can not compete with a mechanical laser and serial production, nor I want to compete with others; this is a special, processed and done on my way.
I do not do what they most love;I do what makes me satisfaction, develop new questions and adopt new techniques and knowledge.
question receive!
sinonimi: be given, be presented with, be awarded, collect, garner

(understand, comprehend, know, realize, see, receive)
Walk through the art of human activity with product of human activity which aims at stimulating the human senses as well as the human mind and spirit .