a formal discussion

¨¨and passed and greenery everywhere where it was not scraped, not only on lawns in the streets, but also inter-tween stone slabs, and birch, poplar, buckthorn, spreading their sticky and fragrant leaves, linden blossoms strained to bursting; jackdaws, sparrows and pigeons in the spring as a way to build more nests, and the walls Flies buzzed ogrijane sun. Happy were the plants, and birds, and hip-ci, and children. But people - big, grown men - did not stop cheating and tormenting themselves and the day-side. People thought that is sacred and important this spring morning, not the beauty of the world God created for the good of all beings - that revives the beauty of peace, harmony and love - no-go is sacred and important to what we have invented themselves to be ruled by one above the other.¨¨¨

a little weird to start the day, too open and entangled strange attitude
a limited purpose public figure, which can be variously interpreted.I'm not a controversy, I feel polemics and discussions (a formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward.)I was planning to write about something else, or a particular email led me to think, I am a member of society like any other person in this world that has its own interest, thinking, attitudes, decisions, problems and life, filled various interesting that I wanted to share with the rest of society.
I'm not famous peppercorn person (celebrity) but other normal person would you say that may be what "you" want ;but the just in your imagination.¨¨
#On the morning of the day after a hard day night orgies.¨¨
I feel due this word to describe and explain in detail its weight of meaning ..
that night and day were not  something very special, obligations that are not easy as environmental adversity.

I have just this morning again bought another bag environmentally friendly
Remarks women-always in your bag  take one of those.
we wanted a little break this text and make a light theme.
in order to keep your hands we decided to do his own pate
olives through the chickpeas and fish
Recipe complex to me and to my wishes
My basket sometimes
soy flakes, mostly I planned to cook lunch