Acme Looniversity

The school is not featured in every episode, as not all of its storylines revolve around the school.
not long and wide ..

"short and in pictures:
Space Jam and Road Runner
we completed the purchase, not ballet shoes but are pleasant to walk ..
and just what I needed
air, sky blue, spring.*
madhouse in the kitchen; this is called "dropped my sugar
the final result; the rest is distributed to relatives, care should be taken on Health.
health in a large bottle (1 liter of milk and two yogurts and put in a warm until morning) fatigue from constant wearing of many foods for the kitchen ,own use..
This has become something else
limited colors, not bad but did not it IT"
too young to create something that !
from my portfolio;but that's not all folks¨¨
when will my tiny Videos get voice; lamb was tired and not really in the mood for sound system..
need at least a pair of wings, a pair of good friends, recovery, at least a couple of magical shoes, orientation, sun..*
Gettin' jiggy wit it is, like, the next level of cool. It's cool to the eighth power. Some people are fly, some people are kind of hot. But when you are the jiggiest, when you exude jiggy-essence, it's the acme of cool. - Will Smith