architect of the Universe

Make a unique method are: concentration,
control, centering, breathing, flow movement, properly
posture, precision, endurance and relaxation.
Results: The results of the survey show that 33% of the
subjects were aged 20-30 years, data show that 43% of
subjects had university education, 63% of the subjects
took up the exercise method in order to maintain physical
fitness and recreation, 37% due to some medical
conditions. The answers to the question about the
effects of exercises on the improvement of their health
were positive in as much as 83%, 77% of the subjects
believed that the exercises had a positive influence on
their mood and concentration, as much as 90% of the
surveyed women thought that exercises improved their
Conclusion: Each Pilates exercise activate great number
of muscles, straight the muscle power and flexibility and
as a results the muscles responsible for supporting skeletal
structure were stronger.
Men this mode of exercise is not acceptable
most likely because of feminized movements in
performing exercises and they decide to rougher
sports such as the gym or football.
Of course that nutrition is very important, in this case does not work looks more like to the overall health of our mind and body; this is today came out food from my kitchen.
in addition to special diets involves philosophy, method and style of life, or understanding the world and events in it as a perpetual interaction between two opposing forces called yin and yang*to reach the peaks of the Himalayas.
Order of the Poor Knights
From huts to the villas and Renaissance to modern skyscrapers apartment has gone through many phases of evolution. Today the house is not more fortress against enemies and robbers or "spirits" such as, in the first periods of the Middle Ages but free and pleasant framework of life is closely linked with the environment.
Reinforced concrete is a building material formed by coupling of concrete and steel. The basic idea of coupling is to entrust the steel tensile stresses that occur in tense areas of concrete structures, while concrete entrust voltages pressure.
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