in a pot of agate

 ¨¨A man is a man, therefore, the highest task. how can
want to be with each other - he asked - if I'm not in it one? when the
I am not one myself, my desire to be with another one only wish that other
Obey. But obeying other, I live subdued those with whom you
I'm not one. And is my desire that in itself be one not desire me-one
to conquer self-other? So I usually perceive themselves as what
enslaves and as what is enslaved. That's how I perceive that this is the one that enslaves and that is enslaved. How can I be free of this? Is it
my desire to be free of this desire only me who enslaves you
final enslavement abolish whom enslaves? Is my desire to
be free from this desire only me the enslavement to what enslaves
abolish itself so that it will totally enslave me?¨¨

 ¨¨Yesterday, yesterday, that is so far away and so closemy soul and I poñosmo to high sea to washwith itself, in its waters, dust and mud of the earth.Arriving at Pebble, potražismo a place to flee, far from the eyes of other people's.The next, he saw a man sittingthe dusty ash-gray cliff. In his hand bagfrom which, in here all-then, take the handful of saltand dispense it in the sea. My soul said:"This man is a pessimist. Of all the life he seesonly shadows. He is not worthy to seeour naked bodies. Come on, look for some other place. "We're out of there and poñosmo the bay.There I saw a man sitting on a white cliff,and in his hand a bowl decorated with jewels.From these bowls on're taking cubes of sugarand you throw them into the sea. My soul said:"This man is optimistic and looks impossible.He does not need to see our naked bodies. "Poñosmo continue until doñosmo to manwhich stood on the beach gasping for dead fishand throwing them back into the sea. My soul said:"This is a compassionate nerd who triedlife back to the dead. Stay away from him. "Poñosmo continue until you see a manwhere we draw a shadow on the sand.The waves are rolling over his drawingssweeping them, but he again drawing his work.My soul said: "He was a mystic who creates a fantasy imageto them worshiped. Leave him in peace. "Poñosmo continue until you see a manin a quiet irritation where buy foam with waveand throws it in a pot of agate. My soul said:"He is an idealist, like the one that tasted denounced clothes of cobwebs.It is not worthy to look at our naked bodies. "proudly continue until, suddenly, we heard nota voice where sing out: "Here's the deep sea! Here are a terrible nightmare! "Potražismo source of that voice and nañosmo manhis back on the sea. On the outside of the ear shelland heard her murmur. My soul said, "Let's go.This is a skeptic who turns his back totalityyou can not cover and leave itto deal with trifles. "Poñosmo further and saw a manbetween two cliffs, with its head in the sand.I said to myself: "Oh honey, launder barbe cause we are this man can see. "And my soul, shaking her head, he said:"No, a thousand times no! The man you see nowworst of all. He servant of Godhiding from the tragedy of life,life while hiding their joy from it. "My soul is sad and bitter voice said:"Let's leave this rocky! There's no hidden places to have a bath. I do not want this wind unravels hair,I'm not going to expose white breasts to the outdoors,I'm not going to undress and be naked on this bright light. "My soul and I have left it much .¨¨

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Posted by Omicevic Svjetlana on Sunday, March 20, 2016