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Two basic phases of the game for each team are phases of attack and defense phase. In the offensive players most commonly used formation with two side players (left and right wing), three foreign players (left outer, middle and outer right outside) and pivot or center. The defense used a number of different variants, which indicate the way of setting formations that defensive players in front of his area of 6 m. Thus, for example, used 6-0 defense (sixth player in the plane front line of 6 m), then 5-1 (five players in line and one in front of them who tried to interfere with the organizers of the opposing team), then 4-2 and rarely used and 3-2-1 formations. The attacking team will depending on the formation of the defense to try to find a way to come closer to him in a more favorable position for a shot on goal.
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Zrinjevac sport hall is the hall, which is located in Osijek. In addition to sporting events, in this hall, the venue of concerts. Opened in 1973. The hall is among the largest sports facilities in Osijek. Capacity is 1,650 seats. In Zrinjevac is the headquarters of sports facilities dd which owns the hall. Besides the headquarters of sports facilities in the hall are the offices of clubs whose hall "Zrinjevac" domestic. These are: RK Nexe RK Osijek Croatia Insurance, MNK, KK Mursa, Osijek KK, KK Osijek 2006, ŽOK Brewery Osijek, Osijek OK.
The aim of the game is to hit the ball goal, ie, score and have a better result than the opposing team. The game is played by two halves of the 30 or 20 minutes (depending on the age of players), and the team scoring the most goals is the winner. Players must not touch the ball and hands to add to each other and fired into the net. Each player must make up the three steps while holding the ball in his hand, while with the next step must keep the ball bouncing it off the floor, or it must be added teammate to score.

All players are free to move around the field, except in the area of 6 m in front of both goals. In this space must stand by only one member of the defense team called keeper (goalie). Other players may over space of 6 m try to catch the ball or to add only a head, so during the year.
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