Princess and the Pea

What a crazy day;) I almost wrote a title called coconut..This princess has a lot of work (I speak of course of life) .. not life as  story but I guess I'm not really from that time..

"Take this grain of barley: this is not the kind of grain quality growing in the fields of peasants, or some get chickens. And planted it in a pot of flowers and watered, and you'll see! ""Thank you!" Said the woman and pay the witch twelve pennies, go home, planted grain, a beautiful flower
immediately starts to grow. He looked like a tulip, but the petals were closed, as if
is still a bud.
"Neatly you flowers!" Said the woman and kissed her beautiful red and yellow petals, and this is the moment with a bang
the flower opens. Now he could see that it was indeed a tulip, but in the middle of a flower on the green chair sat a little girl, so fine and beautiful. It was not more than an inch and therefore calls

Why Coconut: / I'm looking for good material for my artistic expression, like Columbus a little sail through the sea currents and do not know where to drag me, I know that the earth is round and slighted magical impregnable..
But leave it all on the side of "Yesterday all day little surf the internet and i am looking for something to buy ..we got the service for our tools as well as suppliers ..that relief..I've got the habit during the day to create little miracles but this time we used paint and brush and knife for papers.

"Beautiful varnished walnut shell was her cradle, blue violet petals pillows and rose petals
blanket; There is a night sleep, but the day playing on the table, in which women play a plate
surrounded by a wreath of flowers whose stems descended into the water, where the vessel
big tulip petals. On it sat Thumbelina and vessels from one end of the plate;two white horsehair were her oars. She knew and sing, so wonderful to be here no one else has heard."

we decided to gild my work; thus color better fit, and there is a more beautiful expression;
Of course before that we engrave a certain motive.
still out there gloomy and cold weather but we wanted something warm and soft and gentle ;color and design, something that stands out from the crowd of other garments.
looking for a warm place or at least wrapper for my body.
"Throughout the summer the poor Thumbelina lived all alone in a big forest. From a blade of grass bent has bed, and it was hung under a large sheet of thistle, which it is protected from the rain; eating the sweet juice from

flowers and saw the morning dew from the leaves. So pass the summer and fall, but now the winter came, and the debt
cold. All birds, as are so beautifully sang, flew his way, trees and flowers
are withered, large tinted sheet under which she lived dry and shrivels in yellow, withered stalks,
but it is so terrible to freeze, because her clothes were torn, and is pretty small, poor
Thumbelina thought she would die from the cold. It began to snow, and each flake that it
fell could be compared to a large pile of snow when you fall on us: we are a large, while
it was the size of a thumb. He donned the withered leaf, but she could not get warm, shaking from
This is formed in the past few days, a certain shape & form
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"The rays of the sun here were much stronger, the sky seemed twice
more, and on the hills and slopes grew beautiful green and blue grapes. The forests are
grew lemons and oranges, smelling myrtle and mint, and the road are running beautiful children and play with colorful butterflies. But the swallow flew farther, and there were more and more beautiful. Below beautiful green trees along the blue sea lay glittering white marble palace of old time.
The vine climbed with its high pillars, and there at their tips there were many swallow's nest, one of which was the home of the swallows that wore Thumbelina.
"This is my house!" Said the Swallow. "But if you want yourself to look for a home among the beautiful flowers which grows down there I'll go down and you can enjoy as you want! "

This is the story old many years, but just because it is the need to listen, not to forget.

"When you get to the bottom of the cavity, you will find yourself in a large and bright
Otherwise, the burning down more than a hundred lamps. You'll see three doors with keys, and all three You can feel free to open. When you open the first door and go in, you'll see a crate on which sits dog.His eyes are as big as a cup of tea, but it gets in the way. I have a blue plaid
scarf, you'll take with you. Spread on the floor and without fear take the dog and put by the scarf. 
Then open the chest and take the bronze coins to your heart.If you would rather want the silver, and go into the next room. There you will encounter a dog whose eyes large as two millstones. Put him on a scarf and take the silver coins as much as you can take! If you would rather want the gold, you go into the third room. There awaits a dog whose eyes as big as two round towers. Again spread scarf on the floor, put the dog on it and Take as much gold as you want. "

a lot of time and effort,hand painted, sculpted * on my way
"Do you think that this is the whole world?"
The biggest
egg still lying unopened;
built from the finest and most expensive porcelain,
but so fragile and sensitive to the touch, it had to be especially careful. In the garden
grew the most unusual flowers and the most beautiful flowers hung silver bells, which are
ring so that no one could pass without it being noticed. Yes, everything in the emperor's garden was
was well thought out, and the garden stretched so far that is not itself an imperial gardener did not know
where it ends.
sometimes not everything goes as expected; this is mass modeling
2-3 days of drying
We did not plan to do carving..material did not behave as planned
still must dry.
The sun was just slipping when it emerged his head on the surface of the sea, but the clouds still shone
like roses and gold, and the evening star shining in the middle of pale red air, fresh and mild.
The sea was calm, and the great ship with three masts is only one core
was set up, but anyway there was not a breath of wind. Around the ship sat sailors.
There was singing and playing music, and so began to dim, burned, hundreds of lamps of different colors and look
as the flags of all nations, hauling the can in the air.