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unusual adventures

in action with elements of drama, satire and poetry;provided that the just and not in the best shape, at least the physical ¨¨but the style is still there as well as the power of the spirit.The same could be said more or less for all fable teller..

introducing a subordinate clause expressing a statement or hypothesis in this case the recorded image in passing, domestic work of our artists as a visual warning to pay attention to surf on urban roads..
strange thing at the same time to write, and read at the same time you know us poets, and repeatedly stuck..1: 0 for the one that interferes with my thoughts.
this should be graffiti but are not but of course another occasion I will share this with you because there are a young company in a city that only with these deals.
was a Croatian politician, journalist and writer. In addition to politics, dealt with the history, philology, literary criticism, philosophy, writing poems, drama, political satire (Letters Magjarolacah) and Translation. More to life is called - as a political leader and chief ideologue*This monument does have meaning and the name, unfortunately lately the bleak drab, think of the time but the brighter part of the city not to show you in a nicer light.
"He went up to
hill outside the city walls and views of the sea; and he saw his ship where sails through
Then the door swung open his heart, and his joy summer away
above the sea. He closed his eyes and prayed in silence soul.
But, when you came down from the hill, was overcome by grief, and thought in his heart,How to go in peace and without sorrow?
No, even without a wound in the spirit will not leave this city.
Long were the days of pain that I spent among its walls, and
long had Solitary night; and who can be part of their pain and with his
loneliness without regret?
I'm too ghost particles scattered by these streets, and too many children
my longing as they go naked among these hills, and I can not go out without problems
and pain.
Do not undress me today clothing than skin skinned own hands.
Neither thought I leave behind than heart hardened by hunger and thirst.
However, I can not wait.
More, that all calls to him, and called me, and I set sail.
Because remain, although the course hours in the evening, then freeze, and an amethyst to
turned, mold is.
I'd like to have everything here. But how can I?
Voice can not take the language is not the lips that gave him wings. I must
the sky to look for."
(The one who follows and knows will recognize these verses )
grayness but still being monitored sign that spring looks
part of which belongs to the village of, works in progress and the rearrangement of the environment..
¨¨as he walked, he saw from afar men and women where they leave the fields andvineyards and make haste to city gates.I heard their voices which call on his name, and where you shoutfrom one to the other fields, saying to each other that comes his ship.And he said to himself:Will the day of parting be the day of the meeting?And will it be said that my evening was truly my dawn?And they will give to the one who left the plug in the middle grooves, or one whoStop round winepress?Will my heart become heavy with fruit fruit that can gather andgive them?And if my longing flow like a spring that can pour theirpots?Am I a harp that the hand of the Almighty can touch, or flute tohis breath may pass through me?Seeker himself to silence, and what a treasure found in the silence that would notcould allot with confidence?If this is the day of my vintage, I'm in kind of seed fields and heated up inwhat Doli forgotten?If this is indeed the day when I will stretch out my flashlight, not my flamewho will it catch fire,Empty and dark lift a lamp,A night guard will fill the oil, and it will, also, light.That's what he told him. Is Many other things in his heart remainedunsaid. Because he himself refused to express his deeper secret.And when you enter the city, then he walked to meet people, and they call on him asto speak with one voice.A senior city came forth and said,Do not go more than us.You were noon in our twilight, and your youth, gave them our dreamsthey dream of.You're not foreigner among us, nor a guest, but our son and our true beloved.Some already do not suffer our eyes looking at your face.And the priests and priestesses said unto him:Let us now go separate waves, and some years to implementamong us become a memory.Among us you went as a spirit, and your shadow has been a light for ourfaces.We've loved this. But, the unspeakable was our love, and veilswas veiled.Now loud cries out for you and will fit before you discovered.I had always been that love knows not its own depth until the time comesseparation.¨¨


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