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character photoshoot

on photos for a particular purpose or mission.. entered  in the area of social media it is the expression of genes in an observable way¨¨ protocol officer during an official  function,director and assistant...attempted to illustrate the "types" of humanity.. ¨¨a character sketch became a short story or narrative presented without significant action or plot, as the purpose of the writing is solely to present a character at his or her typical.¨¨ Architects by style Somewhat unusually, the current story went in other direction;genre writing, about whom, where and how ..
influence others to be narrow-minded and my habits that I possess, own, or hold open arms.
synonyms: experience, encounter, face, meet, find, run into, go.. interval time of photos to the photo is only the timing;Yet we have little refine appearance; without foundation and perfect complexion; we even a little touch up your hair and add a few accessories such as earrings and sunglasses. cult of personality holds pa…

playful postboy

I do not knowwhat is going on;saidthe postmanrings twice***inthis casenoone,orwasrush?Eitherget angry ?Packscome from far far away ...

skillfullycreate a "film-noirish"atmospherein theseeminglybanalenvironment unscrupulousfemme fatale,howevernever(usedto introduceastatementthatcontrastswithorseems tocontradictsomething thathas thatI wasreminded-The PostmanAlways Rings Twice (I'll have tobe careful what Iwrite) Metal Frame Summer Sunglasses Eyewear Glasses Eyeglass Protection: 100% UV400 Style: Square Frame Material: Metal 

my technical knowledge about glass

¨¨more of a few days something reasoned and trying on such and illustrates this glass; quality and knowledge as well as any instrument for cutting and generally freaking at times itself*why should both be something simpler; may another question¨¨
forces cutting(strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement)I'm not trained to work with a particular tool, I would have been easier to go with hand knives for cutting glass ... I'm not an engineer cutter..This was supposed to be a happy post always go into the seriousness of problem solving; the conclusion is that sometimes does not need to be stubborn as a donkey ...strange comment for a grown woman, but on this page I try to be very open to the world even if that not really go in my favor.

I prefer to do something other than stare at the TV;I do not shrink from disease and Reality!
¨¨old themes that bring the ratings¨¨
 Fat women in Mauritania are considered beautiful and sexy, the young girl from mostly rural p…


"is oneof the youngestaircraftsportsand oneof the easiestways to achieve thedreamof flying.
Where didthisas the beginningofanypostwhenInormallydo not doextreme sports,orI dobutin a different way.
this is just apizzaonmywayinextreme conditionswhenwe werehalf-emptyfridgeandhavemostingredientsneededfora pizza;what's the catch;thelate,late at night, noreat, norbakepizza* Class1:Normallythis is aquiet riverwith a slowcurrent.


Class3rapids,smallwaves,smallerwaterfalls,butno significantdanger.Touristraftingusuallyfalls intothis class.

Class4:rapids,biggerwaves,rocks,waterfallsorhigherdowns,requiredconcentrationandhigher speedresponse.Onlyfor experiencedrafters.

Class5:rapids,bigwaves,rocks,dangerous cliffs,hugewaterfallsanddowns,needextremelypreciseandconcentratedmanagement.The finalclassraftingcompetition.

Class6:rapids,huge waves,largeandextremelydangerousrocksandreefs,numerous trapsanddowns,requiredmastermanagementraftwithoutan error.…


in short!
Missionbroken;there was anaccidentduring baking;we lostourartwork,Crackedand thenwe haveallthiscompletedwith a hammerina millionpieces.
maybe one daymake it amosaicorassemblage*

entry into another world

from pines to God, heritage of a man who sees more than others;in this case women, too exotic and at the same time too plain.Why are so many great pictures and all that is in it; possible kinds and types of Electronic communication lines..When I'm too tired to grab me drab and need to devote very important things; from the medium bad spirits up to people and society; here do not need an exorcism than a certain concentration and a lot of effort and spirit of my soul. Thus the image of active co-operation on a number of levels; multidirectional exchange of information. What is media literacy¨¨ "The ability to access, analysis, evaluation and the transmission through the media"
(Aufderheide, 1992) Media literacy is multimedia (Potter, 2001: 8). requires
developing "cognitive, ethical, aesthetic and philosophical skills and knowledge" I'm according some concepts presentation medium and Communicator. The media comes from the Latin "medius", {which means &quo…

Anatomy consumption of the human body

 Biology and Medicine is not my similar profession or force of circumstance I have to learn and study something related to my brain and keeps my whole body and my life; how to avoid injuries, reduce the wear body and degenerative illnesses and prevent an early age possible disability¨¨
The spine, spinal cord or spine is the main bone support troops necessary to initiate, support the upper torso and head, pelvic stabilization, posture and protect sensitive structures of the spinal cord. It makes a fundamental part of the skeleton and associated bones of the limbs, head and torso.

Formed the 33-34 vertebrae: 7 cervical, 12 thoracic, 5 lumbar, 5 cruciform (cross-coalesced into bone) and 3-5 trtičnih vertebrae (coalesced in the tailbone). Bone elements of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae separate from one another among the spinal discs.

I want to live without neurosurgery, free, healthy without disability, pain, opiates, medical studies
this is not just about me Internal script

allo, allo

We're just getting into my kitchen light fruit cake needed ingredients
2 eggs
2-3 cups of flour or more if desired
certain part of the sugar
flax seed
baking powder
butter a little
2 medium size apples or other fruit peel of an orange cut into cubes melted sugar as crispy addition to the fine lines on the cake (ten portions or even more) Weight cakes as well as its energy value depends only on you and all the other possible variations (various different ingredients) its price is very cheap to create or as a cake rich in healthy ingredients, of course, you can put the cube in sheets and cut down on some other direction mode. Feasibility speed for about 15 minutes or even less (depending on the experience of combining the knowledge of some of the basics of preparation)cooking time depends on the good father and smell as well as the oven. way it looks roasted ¨¨or course must cool before cuttingno sanding with powdered sugar we did something different. nuts just for decora…

fashion adjutant

99,3% Positive Feedback 6,395 Sold Elegant Fashion 925 Sterling Silver Women Crystal Rhinestone Ear Stud Earrings praiseformallyorofficiallyexperienced traders; (I'm still nota traderbutcheerforhardworking) people Elegance in the first place despite a normal daily life; Hello image and not God knows what but I'm not in the foreground than new earrings, well  to wander around a bit and have my little bug in my head but very smart, it's just a saying. This is called a professional recording; and I all I have to do myself on my way Women my age still like to single edit and select and build from as the budget that have a style in its own way* What would you say anthropologists on my character and shape of the face; I'm not dark or cold (just act very seriously) Normally I did not put on a professional make-up;somewhat wrinkled (tired) but only mortal. Of course I was with them got a little touch of glamor;today i'm not not a very good photographer, but realize what I…

Fragrances of the World

A makeover is changing one's appearance, often using cosmetics and hair styling,Makeovers can range from something as simple as a new haircut, today as yesterday I did not particularly eloquent, is not that missing topic, as usual preoccupied with the world and life..We walked a bit to the hair salon to a new hairstyle for coloring're by themselves at home, I tried to compare the two pictures ..
whether it is the same person despite different appearance, feel and moment. whether it matters and how interested other people, through my thinking through texts can introduce themselves and other people with whom you live and socialize.The screen no longer have the color red may have been gone graphics card, the picture that I see are some strange green blue..on which hairstyle works :: somehow again asymmetrical bob although it looks like an ordinary bob; .. Maybe just stick to his roots hair that is dark Brown. after some time I achieve this hairstyle and length;(I think at this pi…

Zircon Star Diamond

Clip on headaches with closure and feeding, as well as the fear that the money thrown to the wind and a standby time of shipment*What seemed to be afraid; ears drilling as baby probably with a thin needle, thickness and method of insertion into the ear we had small problems as a way of closing earrings... this is their original appearance After a certain investment of time, we managed to solve the ears with them; there is no allergic reaction and I'm happy. Silver Plated A thin layer of silver applied to the surface of an object made of another metal. design very acceptable and comfortable to wear. This is the second order, or someone had a bad sense of humor, but she has delivered only one earring .. can only take advantage in this way* Comment via "telepathy"
There are ways of communication if something needs to add more Money .. I am for fair trade. Perhaps the only aunt blogger little gray mood as well as the weather outside.. Women wearing trousers need to be converted…