allo, allo

We're just getting into my kitchen
light fruit cake
needed ingredients
2 eggs
2-3 cups of flour or more if desired
certain part of the sugar
flax seed
baking powder
butter a little
2 medium size apples or other fruit
peel of an orange cut into cubes
melted sugar as crispy addition to the fine lines on the cake
(ten portions or even more)
Weight cakes as well as its energy value depends only on you and all the other possible variations (various different ingredients)
its price is very cheap to create or as a cake rich in healthy ingredients, of course, you can put the cube in sheets and cut down on some other direction mode.
Feasibility speed for about 15 minutes or even less (depending on the experience of combining the knowledge of some of the basics of preparation)cooking time depends on the good father and smell as well as the oven.
way it looks roasted ¨¨or course must cool before cuttingno sanding with powdered sugar we did something different.
nuts just for decorations
airy like muffins(it is easier to create a new cake than take a picture with a camera)

Pour mass on paper certain mold ;Apples are in the foreground (the rich),take out with the paper from the mold, very delicate cake.