Anatomy consumption of the human body

Biology and Medicine is not my similar profession or force of circumstance I have to learn and study something related to my brain and keeps my whole body and my life; how to avoid injuries, reduce the wear body and degenerative illnesses and prevent an early age possible disability¨¨
The spine, spinal cord or spine is the main bone support troops necessary to initiate, support the upper torso and head, pelvic stabilization, posture and protect sensitive structures of the spinal cord. It makes a fundamental part of the skeleton and associated bones of the limbs, head and torso.

Formed the 33-34 vertebrae: 7 cervical, 12 thoracic, 5 lumbar, 5 cruciform (cross-coalesced into bone) and 3-5 trtičnih vertebrae (coalesced in the tailbone). Bone elements of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae separate from one another among the spinal discs.

I want to live without neurosurgery, free, healthy without disability, pain, opiates, medical studies
this is not just about me
Internal script
COLLEGE Physiotherapy I.
society and as a result the satisfaction
The main task of social protection of workers
the provision of such conditions in the workplace and beyond
it, to ensure safety, preservation
health and employee satisfaction achieved
the results and the way of life at the same time
prevention of fatigue, illness and injury.
The basic principles of social protection are enabling
dealing with specific activity, encouraging
creativity and productivity, and the humanisation of work
way of life in general and solidarity.

-Part orthopedics

ANAMNESIS (subjective):
. Personal and. (Information about previous illnesses and injuries, and the current disease data
location, type and duration of pain, muscle weakness, skin changes, changes
the volume of one or more joints, and disorder functions of a particular part in tijela.uvid
the patient's interest, and the habits ..)
(My medical history looks like a hypothesis )
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"God and the people have given us the knowledge and the school to learn and work to develop themselves and help society."
!You can not remove the underlying cause of the disease,
it can improve the situation in terms of reduction of pain and improvement of function segments. It consists
in reducing pain and muscle spasms, improve function, prevention
contracture and training for activities of daily living.
. General measures
- Reduction of body weight
- A favorable microclimate workplace
- break
- Static corrections (to prevent deformation)
- Analgesics
- Corticosteroids
· Physical Therapy
- Kinesis (relieving exercises and then strengthen the stabilizer muscles of the joint)
- Electrotherapy
CAUTION: Analgesia will reduce pain and seemingly allow greater scope in motion
joint which can cause damage.
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rehabilitation by special

this you get a little less than 100 euros
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orthopedic techniques
medical house Osijek "Otos"
orthopedic shoes, insoles, orthotic
but this is only a small support body
Anatomical structure of the spine - a reminder
Studies show that
80% of people at least once in their lifetime of C or L pain syndrome.
They occur after the 30-year life as a result of various influences (job
daily overload the spine, trauma...(from individual to individual)
For the normal foot shape and function are the proper shape and position of the bones, and the well
developed ligament and muscle. It is now thought that the muscles of the foot sole active carriers, while
fresh and vaults passive stabilizers.¨¨
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retraining, education, new job¨¨
Magnetic resonance imaging of the spine
or Head
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to stay semi-mobile on crutches?
Heart: rhythmical action, clear tones, noise does.
It is a dangerous, risky, complex, stressful and
responsible jobs that require appropriate
abilities, knowledge and skills of workers, ie. a high level of
engagement of psychophysical workers.
mobilization of resources around the
organism in order to confront the stressor and
developing side effects.
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Safety at work involves a series of activities which
the goal of eliminating hazards in the technological process and
organizational system to work done
safe and thus create favorable conditions for preservation
human health and property.
Safety at work is an integral part of the organization of work
enterprise or institution and includes measures and means
are essential for achieving safe conditions on
work. Function Safety at Work consists of measures and
activities aimed at preventing accidents and injuries
work and create the conditions for safe operation and preservation
health workers.
Medical rehabilitation is to restore the patient to
his full physical, psychological, emotional,
social, professional and economic activity and
ability to work.
It includes all the procedures of the treatment of the formation
illness or injury, to the final outcome.


 The aim of these measures is not only the realization of material
existence, but also meet the needs of
independence, prestige, reputation and respect in
society and as a result, employee satisfaction.