anecdotes and dogmas

the general trend awareness psychic "phenomena", on behalf of tens of thousands of enthusiasts*
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Thus, the concept of the local universe as we describe classical physics;can the individual to develop their mental abilities and become efficient?
Here are just reading an interesting book, a few years ago I read the same about the subject, in what one believes as much under the influence or the suggestion of one or more persons as well as consciously and unconsciously entries in the mind (scientific subconscious)¨¨

the scene of dramatic and conclusions on the work of the brain and human existence.

Why the hell do about it at the new reading, something's bothering me and looking for answers and disprove the thesis¨¨Of Deep Mirror personality¨¨(the so-called mechanical impact on the human distance and other exotic human research);rearrange pictures from memory, "surreal" characters dreams, confusion impressions that chronologically and logically make no sense..

short-term placebo effect

no this is not my medicine; luckily grown up with a certain knowledge and education
"An alternative to" therefore often represents a lifestyle that is based on the teachings and diffuse praksama¨¨skup procedures that can not be tested, refuse testing, or systematically fall on tests. If it is proved that a certain technique of treatment has a disease-resisting powers in the appropriate controlled double-blind trials, it ceases to be alternative. Simply ... becomes medicine. "
dualistic world view of science, intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy and the age-old tradition of magical effects ...Survival what? Basic personal integrity, physical system without any moral doubts, ideas or ideals.