"Bookworm, Run!"

balanced literacy Framework
where we are today, maybe you think that this has nothing to do with blogging should be short and without too many pictures or explanation; reduced spending on google space; all this depends on the day's events and the mood of the person who communicates with the world at his particular way.
For me, diversity is desirable, the complexity is unavoidable, move away from certain topics to me and other people do not be too difficult because we all have different interests and occupations¨¨
Perhaps the texts somewhat entangled in a certain way, such as herself asking questions and looking for possible answers ¨¨
Basically I know that in my head does not rule crazy confusing thoughts; There is always a way.
I do not like to repeat myself in the texts because they are not intended only to me but to the entire public.My inspiration ¨¨can be a book, a word, letter, image, event, humor, music, people, Science et cetera.
For an adult who is a fairly good reader, reading seems like a simple, effortless and automatic skill  but the process builds on cognitive, linguistic, and social skills developed in the years before reading typically begins.

¨¨to write and then share the pen to construct the message."
whereby the students have the opportunity to practice their reading, studying and writing skills in a safe and creative environment;powerful instructional medium for teaching phonics, spelling principles, rimes, writing conventions, and other key early writing skills.
I am an albatross ¨¨(message and means)
All albatrosses build their nests in the form of mounds of earth and grass, mostly on windy slopes, because they are built like perfect sailing boat, but the take-off should be enough wind in your face and / or steep run-up.
quick run down wind between waves, suddenly turning sharply and take off into the wind and orbiting ships, but never, ever flaps its wings.
and one said to the mountains
created the woman from his rib*
Make it a Noah's Ark
forever facing the village sunrise on the equinoxes.
How long is there and how long so closely observes the horizon?
which is this portrait?What is its purpose?
opens a window through which the
possible to observe a forgotten episode of human history, a period when the waters
After the great flood when people were trying to turn into gods.
with a mysterious superiority¨¨
What goes on four legs in the morning, at noon on two, and in the evening on three?
"Oedipus answered her that this man, because as a child crawling on all fours, as an adult goes on two legs, and as the old man walking by helping to stick