character photoshoot

on photos for a particular purpose or mission..
entered  in the area of social media
it is the expression of genes in an observable way¨¨
protocol officer during an official  function,director and assistant...attempted to illustrate the "types" of humanity..
¨¨a character sketch became a short story or narrative presented without significant action or plot, as the purpose of the writing is solely to present a character at his or her typical.¨¨
Architects by style
Somewhat unusually, the current story went in other direction;genre writing, about whom, where and how ..
influence others to be narrow-minded and my habits that I possess, own, or hold open arms.
synonyms: experience, encounter, face, meet, find, run into, go..
interval time of photos to the photo is only the timing;Yet we have little refine appearance; without foundation and perfect complexion; we even a little touch up your hair and add a few accessories such as earrings and sunglasses.
cult of personality holds parallels with defined as "charismatic authority ...Dictatorship or Narcissistic leadership; Iron Lady (The term describes a woman who is either stubborn and inflexible or strong)    this is not my empire!
This can have a strong impact on the person when it comes to the learning process, but also it can have its drawbacks.
this should be my happy face and a great view of the world; but it is only a couple of seconds difference between the two images.
mostly too serious, show too much concern with a million questions that I can not alone solve*
Some compare me with Joan of Arc or more toward Noah's Ark¨¨
only human and not a god of the earth as well as on the Internet, there is only one person with his personality;
an individual's distinctive character.
my Inner Olympic Game
 'Keep your eye on the ball'

instruction is that a player will be able to follow it for a short while but may be unable to keep it in mind in the long term.
Color perception: Philosophical, Psychological, Artistic
with symbolism and cultural connotation
gray is the color of compromise
"We will meet in the place where there is no darkness"