entry into another world

from pines to God, heritage of a man who sees more than others;in this case women, too exotic and at the same time too plain.Why are so many great pictures and all that is in it; possible kinds and types of Electronic communication lines..When I'm too tired to grab me drab and need to devote very important things; from the medium bad spirits up to people and society; here do not need an exorcism than a certain concentration and a lot of effort and spirit of my soul.
Thus the image of active co-operation on a number of levels; multidirectional exchange of information.
What is media literacy¨¨
"The ability to access, analysis, evaluation and the transmission through the media"
(Aufderheide, 1992)
Media literacy is multimedia (Potter, 2001: 8). requires
developing "cognitive, ethical, aesthetic and philosophical skills and knowledge"
I'm according some concepts presentation medium and Communicator.
The media comes from the Latin "medius", {which means "middle", and means the middle or
a set of conditions in which something happens (in terms of discourse), a person may be
intermediary between something and someone to spiritism and similar processes, a substance that is
carrier of energy in any particular work process or in a spiritual sense, and
means of mass communication.
I did not plan to start any discussion on this subject, as each being specific topics to listen, read and think about it, sometimes alone and avoid certain topics and watch and listen, it's not even fun food for my soul;so I was more turned to the beautiful art and sometimes more neutral topics.
an indispensable part of daily life
impact on people, the formation of attitudes, window to the world, kind of views
to life (as art, philosophy, religion). "
Big Brother (eng. Big brother) is very controversial and popular television reality show, I am a little bit more than that concerned about the environment and inner peace.(entertainment that is not entertainment that even the burdens on people, participants used a great act out something that they are not in real life¨¨)
contestants live in an isolated house trying to avoid being evicted by the public
excessive dominance made me draw a plethora
"The power that the TV picture can replace the imaginary image that you have created,
is present in all areas of learning about the world figure out ourselves. Our whole mind
is filled with images, places, time, people and stories with which we have never
personally met. In fact, if you get the information, from any source, which is not
accompanied by pictures alone will create them. These images will be your own perceptions. You
creating a film that will accompany the story. "(Jerry Mander, 2002)
in Pulp Fiction
Being a teacher means to take responsibility and do their best to give us
generation they grow up intellectually and psychologically healthy clean,My texts are sometimes too heavy, so I'm trying to explain extensive..
 consumers are satisfied
with commercialized programs in which vanishes information and education, and television
comply with such audience and multiplied dominance of the "three S" in the program - scandals, sex and sensation.
Walking around the streets, better to say hurrying some new kids ... always with headphones in their ears
thinking about alienating made of conformity because otherwise they do not Know.