my technical knowledge about glass

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I prefer to do something other than stare at the TV;I do not shrink from disease and Reality!
¨¨old themes that bring the ratings¨¨
 Fat women in Mauritania are considered beautiful and sexy, the young girl from mostly rural parts of the country drains into special ... Head of the camp where girls are forced fattening says he gets a bonus ...(for example something like this, girls of seven years to force the food and then vomit)
or Korean Internet Trend "Mukbang¨¨woman makes £5,600 a month streaming ...the so-called food porn**not cheer (in support of or in favor of (a person or policy).

Bulimia (knots. Boys vol, cattle, limos famine "hungry to and oxen could eat") is a disorder related to the storage of which is, as well as anorexia nervosa, psychological origin, but can have dire physical consequences.
I vote for Health.

From a scientific view, it is believed that the products of creative thought (sometimes called divergent thinking) contain originality and appropriateness. Alternatively, the daily opinion concept of creativity is simply - creating something new.

cutting speed and fluid ((of a substance) able to flow easily.
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sub-question whether all this need to be hidden (something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others?
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the heat of the flame!
just trying it, the glass must be stronger types.
Usually glass is used for making window glass, then as a glass mirror and various glassware. The crystal glass is the best known and obtained if calcium oxide partially replacing lead (II) oxide (PbO). Difficult lead glass has a large refractive index, and is used for making lenses, crystal glasses, vases and other.
Fireproof (sodium borosilicate) glass is used in the chemical laboratory, insensitive to temperature changes and chemical reagents.
Quartz glass is resistant to sudden changes in temperature, and made of pure silica. It is used in production of chemical supplies that must bear sudden changes in temperature .
the process of creating and applying creative ideas listed in a particular context.
this is my unique work with my signature
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opportunity to choose and discovery
belief that we need to cultivate the right-oriented thinking (creativity and emotion) over left-wing thinking (logical and analytical thinking).