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Project Thumbelina | Electro Song By Somicevic1

Project Thumbelina | Electro Song By Somicevic1: interesting and strong

somethingonlymeandto my way;check back,listen,tryto mixandcreate yournew tune*
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summer and sea

summer and sea od murmurmuses sadrži bohemian style dresses Bohemian style dress
19 HRK -

True Religion cut off shorts
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Topshop leather flat
175 HRK -

Straw Studios tote purse
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Yves Saint Laurent preowned jewelry
1.495 HRK -

Marble medallion
47 HRK -

Wildfox heart glasses
1.420 HRK -

Summer hat
235 HRK -

Lip makeup
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Sun care
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the art or practice

the art or practice od murmurmuses sadrži patent handbags Knit tank top
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Adidas Originals white tee
225 HRK -

Striped top
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Barbour International leather moto jacket
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Dolce&Gabbana criss-cross sandals
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Topshop boots
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Patent handbag
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Ray-Ban green lens sunglasses
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look at" the four corners

Aftera long daywe came toresultsthat areveryfruitful;mylatestart work,specially madewithtemperabackgroundby manuallyprintonmywaymotivesarenotrandomlyselectingmorefree handpaintedand after thatwe move on tothe crystallization ofthe wholepainting,notcanvas/paper no traditionalgraphic techniques it tooka long timebutthe effort paid offand I am verypleased withresults of the open, and the imageisthustakentobe viewedfrom many sidesfora particularstyle of paintingandmy charactersinmotifs. Againcoincidence;we set upbehind thepaperof a certain sizetocameras ofmy artand we gotsomething interesting,illustration(apictureillustratingabook,newspaper,etc) Illustration(Latin)is adrawingorpaintingthatis interpreted,supplemented, ordecorate theirsome text;reflects thestyleand taste ofthe timeandmanner of the author. form of art,I'm a littleshortwith a choiceof colorsbut thea single threadis constantlyrunning throughmybrush* of course Ishow yousomething interesting,a framedpicture,abutting ontoimageis a …

blogger or a beggar (the one who adores music)

rethink skill, redefine or reimagine it: an engineer, say, who builds rockets from rocks." We dropped a little bit shy with the lack of experience with voice recording, voice is recorded with a small camera and attempted to please; English is not my native language; audibly never recorded itself and my voice , although we are in the childhood participated in choral singing;I do not do the singing but I'm curious to meet my tone of voice, of course I love music.

and youthful dreams and intentions of becoming a poet ....

Remix1973 May 28th, 2016 with "The Naughty Boy" and "The Traveling Companion" in the second installment of Fairy Tales*on his travels from flower to flower.
Of course we need at least to me against rust" cheerful mysteriously connected melodies / sounds or pieces of called loop, of course with the help of friends with; for now we will not overstate. wondersloopstyleelectrotimelandbeatlongjuicyafterinterestinglyinformalbass

very busy

very busy od murmurmuses sadrži crossbody handbags Topshop top
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Lulu Guinness crossbody handbag
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Pomellato rose gold jewelry
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Roberto Cavalli earrings
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Gucci glasses
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Ban do tech accessory
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Bobbi brown cosmetic
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Gucci mascara
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2016 class of

2016 class of od murmurmuses sadrži Yves Saint Laurent Asymmetrical top
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Faith Connexion low crotch pants
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Red suede pumps
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Christian Dior see through glasses
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Class of 2016 Graduation Cap Classic Round Sticker
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Fiebiger lipstick
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Yves Saint Laurent lipstick
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Chic in the City

Chic in the City by murmurmuses featuring a black ceramic bowl Jonathan Simkhai nude lingerie
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Distressed skinny jeans
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Peter Pilotto high heel sandals
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Tassel jewelry
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Stella & Dot lightweight glasses
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NOVICA black ceramic bowl
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