A good naive artist of virtue

creative presentation of the facts

Habits are like a rope, every day the same where one thread and the rope becomes not terminable!

A man can never be perfect
impeccable, immaculate, consummate, spotless


The space of our freedom and our power ?

from where me freedom and the right of public writing and courage to face the truth of their own actions, in which step I stand as a woman with a certain mindset and education?
In what is turning this public space where I stand and diligently write, how people economically important my standard; a bit of mystery, timidity.
economic standard speech or thinking about the situation in my pocket or bank account ..Who or what, that may or may not contemplate, write, publish or why someone IN a someone AUT?
Are we full of people, people virtues, successful, unique, happy, independent ?
law of Hedonism?-I do not own a couple of million dollars, expensive company cars or diamonds-two left feet, a twin, or a funny face?(for me there is no tendency toward heavy enrichment; unscrupulousness or jealousy but there is a desire for writing and creating but here I am not for fun or striptease)
By some unwritten rules of human ..she is or I am a little bit boring!
someone would say pick a specific group for socializing, close to the Ghetto ..
Someone removed his shorts All the people applaud*show approval or praise by clapping!
Bad Language, Purity and Power "
-value of hedonism does not create harmony in the development of a human personality-in my opinion-but I will not condemn or judge until  I   have my peace and people from my environment, if someone is trying in any way hurt of course I'll respond and try to protect myself and others from such action!
 "speak coma like a dog."
slang, profanity, insults and obscenities over the world-or the curse meant?

you're hot, cool, smart, god"

delight determining factor of motivation, critical distance-in my opinion.
Today, in the figurative sense taboo means something that should not be touched, which is not allowed to speak...where there is freedom of speech-my-freedom position ¨¨

collaboration with others, dialogue, love and dignity of the person!
origins, motives, standards and purpose of action and judgment.
a set of principles of moral judgment?
You lose the pleasure!
Disappears pride!
Ends remorse!
Or is converted into himself caution!
I'm sorry, but I do not TWERK with the ass, not showing breasts or penis, not juggle oranges,I do not paint like Picasso; shit out of me no one has profits..entertainment.
For a well-ordered society-Imposed not by social norms but certain groups of people...
a set of unwritten rules and customs governing the relations between a form of behavior and a certain way of life in a community-the subject of the discussion and explanation..
individual's ability to work properly;Constantly directing the will to good;strong views, constant mood, lasting perfection of reason and will.
the ideas of freedom, imagination, individuality, discoveries, experiments, rebellion, beauty, truth, justice.
The roulette players silently watched the wheel spin around/round.
In public relations, spin is a form of propaganda, achieved through providing a biased interpretation of an event or campaign to persuade public opinion  against public figure-contemporary version of this expression is "bullshit"I seek the truth during the time until other people using spin tactics to manipulate public opinion;Greetings from naive artist(I;self-hood)