an excursion on foot

We miss the days of wine and tourism but we finally visited the Sabbath antiques fair; we not view a selection of wine, nor ate the shepherd (a type of food that is cooked in a pot) and fish stew .. tired from yesterday's walk.
No one can say that I live like nuns in a convent; sometimes I get out among the people¨¨
we have brought the camera to mark this present moment, this look decorated our parks
(sometimes express in the plural; so it was just me and my mode of expression)
¨¨old literature and read a book and some of the old school!
Baroque Citadel was built in the 18th century
Of course we all visited and threw wise view of the offer, I did not have planned a big purchase, for the first time in visiting.
why from this angle shot; I did not want to offend anyone, so I respected a little privacy ..
This is a loan to an old picture but it looks like this*
The first is a new city-fortress created in large strategic system Baroque fortified towns on the border with the Ottoman Empire, which is from 1712, conceived and built by Prince Eugene of Savoy*under the supervision of the commander of the Osijek fortress of General Johann Stephan Baron von Beckers. It was built following the example of lowland Dutch military fortifications.
Osijek's Fort in the 18th and 19th centuries was a multiethnic city. It lived locals and immigrants from Styria, Carniola, Bavaria, Moravia, Italy, France, Hungary, Bulgaria. The foreign immigrants learn the Croatian language, but the official languages were Latin and German. Some of the merchant family speak Modern Greek, Italian and French, as well as the Fort has the feature of an international city with more languages.
The term "antique" has a base and a broader meaning, where there are variations in the basic meaning of what is beneath it implies (with the times and my becoming prehistory)(;
(I can really tell in a strange way the funny side )
meaning in literature includes cultures grown on the shores of the Mediterranean during the period from around 1200 or 800 g. BC. Cr. to about 500 or 600 g. n. e, ie.
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The adjective and noun antiquarian antique indicate an object that has a cultural value for its antiquity and rarity..