as¨¨ a bug's life

authorship editors lunch and dinner
not a penny of it
(a nice steak with a bottle of red wine)
and he had received his brush coat
meanwhile plot trajectory...normally not everything goes smoothly...
we had to and we try, like everyone else*now at least know if I would do that or not¨¨
and this for a long time standing..Strength-I must repeat procedure¨¨

Muses art

(in Greek and Roman mythology) each of nine goddesses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who preside over the arts and sciences.

"he was musing on the problems he faced"
with lots of glass dust in the nose*
Why not relax and paint my nails¨?
my liberty and independence!
same as her daddy
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New eco-friendly art; height of about 45-50 cm;hand painted, and engraved; interesting motif, sympathetic purpose; as a candlestick, as vases, a place to store little things, as an independent decoration and so on, unique piece;something original out of my small art workshops; of course that it can expand and develop ideas.

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the weight of the object, light, or sensitive Materials

To invest is to allocate money (or sometimes another resource, such as time) in the expectation of some benefit in the future.
at the moment, at present, at the present (time/moment)
In finance, the expected future benefit from investment is a return¨
 statistical effect of reducing overall risk!
their portfolio!
This is my small pilot project also too!
A pilot study, pilot project or pilot experiment is a small scale preliminary study conducted in order to evaluate feasibility, time, cost, adverse events, and effect size (statistical variability) in an attempt to predict an appropriate sample size and improve upon the study design prior to performance of a full-scale research project.
In theory I am Wonder
in practice; A proof of concept is usually small and may or may not be complete.
purchasing power, the desire of citizens;
painting in this way at least 2 working hours;Normally and the deposit in cash
a mathematical operation of subtraction.
" Minus " is a binary operation (performed on two numbers)
Proof-of-Concept Prototype
(In the field of business development and sales)
positive reviews from film critics!