follow the edge

method, process, procedure, technique, system, plan-how photography my art?
mixed media /art or craft using a number of different techniques.
With Cracked Eggshell ;Black Ink;canvas
my art


Mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials. It is a technique of decorative art or interior decoration.

valuable venture;It is quite a popular art/craft form because of the attractive, smooth, oval shape of the egg.

But these are senses exercised and precise technique  of real master;
I'm still an apprentice when it comes to egg shells.
Modern mosaics are made by professional artists, street artists, and as a popular craft. Many materials other than traditional stone and ceramic tesserae may be employed, including shells, glass and beads.

my other paintings on canvas and in this technique

Here we apply faster with more color;ink and markers

The word mosaic is from the Italian mosaico deriving from the Latin mosaicus and ultimately from the Greek mouseios meaning belonging to the Muses, hence artistic.

 assembled by hand

 still in production; third in line

Opus palladianum is a technique used in mosaic art in which the tesserae are irregularly shaped, and are not laid out in a regular pattern.

and that's not all still we have to improve,
watch, find, hear, catch out