look at" the four corners

After a long day we came to results that are very fruitful; my latest art work, specially made with tempera background by manually print on my way motives are not randomly selecting more free hand painted and after that we move on to the crystallization of the whole painting, not canvas / paper
no traditional graphic techniques
look at the four corners of the world
it took a long time but the effort paid off and I am very pleased with results of the open, and the image is thus taken to be viewed from many sides for a particular style of painting and my characters in motifs.
Again coincidence; we set up behind the paper of a certain size to cameras of my art and we got something interesting, illustration (a picture illustrating a book, newspaper, etc)
Illustration (Latin) is a drawing or painting that is interpreted, supplemented, or decorate their some text; reflects the style and taste of the time and manner
of the author.
just for the rights and the seriousness of evidence that I am the author
(author wearily broken but the very satisfied)
form of art, I'm a little short with a choice of colors but the a single thread is constantly running through my brush*
of course I show you something interesting, a framed picture, abutting onto image is a background and just as plain in my arms;three different windows and effects on the eye and the mind from my experience of artistic expression.
designing forms requires creativity and knowledge of styles;
From this perspective the mind can imagine it is a stained-glass window/vitraj

illusion of three-dimensionality * not but there is a certain way of seeing at that phenomenon .     
 This is Flatbed painting  a style of painting in which is dominated by lines which are outlined shapes, and colors are applied evenly to the surface . This creates characters flatbed character and image obey flatness of the substrate coupled with tempera technique of printing and Black Ink with Felt-tip pens or markers" They belong to the drawing technique of ink.
matrix is created on a flat surface, print a single copy without press with my hand (at flatbed printing) "the rest is history.
Welcome to my art"