mosaic O" my;my eggshell

something went in a different branch of the river; unplanned *ARt. of My

of course it is impossible for the catwalk five different blogs in the same moment, all 5 with a variety of subjects; so in this way the publication does not been lost walk; I do not lose the thread ..
Why write in English rather than in my mother; perfect for practicing the language, brain exercise, accessible Worldwide.
What do we have in the picture, wood that was carved in a certain way; I did not like, so we switched to a new technique (the inspiration is on holiday)
The first work he did to me pleasure and the way we are understand something new, but the other was tiring ..
small space - no painted motifs-the glue that dries quickly-about two colors
I've already spoken with a person who works in the store with art needy matters ...all that costs..
does not cost a penny and I do not earn a penny a hundredfold*
remains of shells from my attempts carving eggshells;so try out certain techniques ..
This was not my Zen or Jang¨¨
I even glue was not pleased with my fingers and I do not mind when I stained badly with colors¨¨
means another copy I was not sufficiently expressive, so we are played with a brush in ink;Of course that is not yet finished because I need to protect in a special way surfaces..
purpose-specific platforms.
as the story goes on ... this is not a video game*