only for the first May

a little bit is a crazy time and even crazier date,it should be a day to relax and not think about the profound events and issues..we ended up on Pinterest and realized we missed something; to edit, strict companions and collaborators..impossible to ADMINISTRATING all, focus on everything, sometimes too preoccupied with writing; impossible constant sharing and publication; the whole story began with fashion, creating the sort of conceptual comprehending my jewelry that stands somewhere with bone-in closet.Buried amethyst, hematite, agate, coral, amazonite, obsidian; and so on..Crazy cute creative person who is found to Pinterest published a picture of one of my necklace of copper wire..and now seeing her I wanted to upgrade to a different way and from a different material..these are all my investments and money does not grow on trees; not supposed to stay only on the pilot project. If re-dedicate myself to it then I do not have time to devote to painting and art. worth little ladybug only with two hands and stellar Rainbow in the eyes* What is May Day-the first day of spring for the working people ..."Saint Joseph the Worker¨¨ traditional European spring celebration..σαρκάζειν meaning "to tear flesh, bite the lip in rage, sneer".(The word comes from the Greek σαρκασμός (sarkasmos)a statement that contradicts itself and yet might be true (or wrong at the same time;with walls that are regarded as floors from other points of view, and staircases that appear to climb endlessly.