quest for the Golden Fleece

Lapsit exillis*# # "I believe that life is like a river that most people jump into the river, never really deciding where you do not want to end up. And so for a very short time they are caught in a stream: current events, current fears, current challenges. When you get to the point where the river branches, they do not consciously decide where they want to go or which direction they prefer. they simply "going to water it carries." they become part of the crowd of people that directing events instead of their own values. Therefore, they feel that they have no control. remain in this unconscious until one day he wakes up the sound of furious water. then discover that there are two meters from Niagara Falls in a boat without oars. at this point, they say, "Oh, hell!" But then it's too late. located in front fall. Sometimes it's emotional decline. Sometimes the drop carnal. Sometimes it comes to the financial decline. it is very likely that what you currently burdens in life could be avoided by better decision upstream. " " Food for the Soul"

I found this on my Facebook page on this date but from 2014.

riding on a divine ram to avoid being sacrificed
meant about Jason and the Argonauts and today's sailors