regally dessert spoon

what to do when you get the urge for sweets near you very little food that can rest used for something thus"
Today we cook a simple lunch and interesting as a side we had the cooked potatoes; what to do with the rest of the cooked potatoes?
The simple answer DIY recipe for dessert!
base recipe plum dumplings
generally we do not have jam or  plums...
we do not have eggs..
let's be brave and innovative"
how to make dumplings - we used the potatoes and add a little sugar and white flour as needed, with no eggs .
We were waiting for the water to boil and create the rural way of a spoon and let it cook.
Result delicious, light and do not disintegrate..
Fortunately, we today buy apples; we took a mid-sized chop on certain parts and put on pan to fry on butter until they become soft.
In the meantime, we took the sour cream mixed with a little sugar, cinnamon sugar ,as we breadcrumbs to medium golden color after fried in butter.
our dumplings we mingled in the crowd of crumbs and butter,sprinkle with sweet cinnamon,fried apples set up with them and adorned with sweetened sour cream(not whipped cream)
refreshing, tasteful delicacies
Dumplings or noodles Germanism (from Knödl) are large boiled potato dumplings   Part of the Austrian, German, Hungarian, Croatian and Czech cuisine, and come in many different forms.