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summer breeze

fever Wednesday

fever Wednesday od murmurmuses sadrži high waisted jeans Cropped tank top
61 HRK -

High waisted jeans
305 HRK -

White bag
455 HRK -

Silver jewellery
2.035 HRK -

Silver sunglasses
68 HRK -

Adidas tech accessory
125 HRK -

Yellow hair accessory
65 HRK -

Lime Crime lipstick
195 HRK -

Chanel perfume

Nail treatment
91 HRK -

Topshop nail polish
54 HRK -

Aerial perspective Crochet

of coursemy newproject, I'm notretired...

Crochetis aprocess of creatingfabricby interlockingloopyarn, thread,orevenothermaterialsusinga crochet hook.
Thisupin the pictureisan attempt to displaymynewwork-withtwomaterials,fabricand thread,trying to changemore easilyandcompletelyunbalancedformcollaroršala..needtime tovisualizeandjustto get thefinalproduct.Choosing acolor-we gota specialcontrast-electedhimselfascheerfulcolorsthreadit is acottoncertainthickness.

I will notexaggerate, becauseI'm not surewhatmoretoturningthepage-speakthatpostsshouldbeshort,todescribeas ajournalistthenconfusethe termwith professionalwriters..aprivatejournalisusuallyreferred to asadiarythis is for memore than that, becauseas a childI did not haveto writecustomscrapbooksnotto mentiona diaryofmy Youth.

Reflective writing is an analytical practice in which the writer describes a real or imaginary scene, event, interaction, passing thought, memory, form, adding a personal reflection on the meaning of the item…

we DO" goldenwork

contemporary fiber arts -one of these days-best work in fiber, like any medium, has observations, themes, or concepts at its core.
This is the work simply had to occur if someone who is not interested in him and this theme saidthe minimumthan the minimum ..from a distance it looks especially despite the simple elements, which also took a long time to come to life, silk is of this very sensitive .

This image is called raw perfection-in addition to materials and techniques and I, I; artist's material that is renewed and forms a such as clay.   What makes fiber art?
Art that is created using natural or synthetic fibers or techniques that are traditionally thought of as relating to fiber, such as sewing or weaving.
Many of the techniques and materials associated with fiber art include basketry, beadwork, braiding, clothing design, crochet, many methods of dyeing and surface design, including batik, shibori, hand-dyeing, natural or eco-dyeing; embroidery, crewel, applique, and other …


way of preparing certain dishes that are, with variations, present in today's regional, national and universal kitchens.
What is it to be a sweet tooth in your own kitchen; I'm more happy cooking or making than just feeding and eating with its I to Recently..
Croatian cuisine created by merging the various culinary traditions, from the Mediterranean to the continental and central, within which can be found and the immediate tradition (eg. Dalmatian, very nutritional quality, with specialties such as Slavonian Kulen, Istrian minestrone with various etc.).

gastronomist person who combines theory and practice in the study of gastronomy is to have been a bit more luxurious answers and I bet expensive ingredients and cooking techniques themselves..
I did not Michelin star but I was able to be ... long story ..
and quite different from the kinds of culinary the show, which is aired on television..Chef or cook is the name of the person who is cooking. One of the oldest trades in the worl…

my creative process

About:creative person, art lover.
Work with mixed media /art & craft using a number of different techniques,
construct, build, assemble, put together, manufacture, produce unique piece;something original in my small art workshops, libertarian flexible; changeable riddle and mysterious as a serious and unique artistic creation. of myuniquenecklace

where "East meets West /Options - Betterment

here I amagainaftera bitof detachmentandotheractions whichare partof my life..
The real,tangibleandmatureadultincertainphysical and mentalcondition withcertainlifestylethatis commonandordinaryandunusual..if Iwriteabout a visionorvisualdepends oneventsnot onlyinmylifebuttheentiresocialstatistics..ifmanis like a manin the first placebuthis effortandworkUnexemptofsubstances,materialsandcapital-differentrolesthatwepromotelifedepends on theirearnedamount;power,understanding,healthandschool.

expenditure ofhuman labor:intellectual effort,muscular effort,psychological stressandtimeto achieveagoal, andas suchwas amedium of exchange(goods)from the earliest daysof mankind.
organized activityof people,in order to achieveauseful effect,whichcan meet thespecifictypesof personalorcollective needs.
A Guide To Self-Employment  kind ofgoods for whichone can buyany other commodity Self-employed people generally find their own work rather than being provided with work by an employer, earning income from a tra…

Magnetic resonance imaging of the spine

My dear!, dear, my, my dear one, my dear lady! my friends and colleagues not a trick when the one who writes a little worried and thoughtful, so that you liked my little story # actually post about Venus hill.. Martians make on it wonders".

What are land invertebrates?
examines the little black Thumbelina..
I was not a couple of days because I was dedicated to some other dimensions of life, but this is not a place to dump least it should be so ..
hey you naughty girl * Did to me about what?
perform (an action, the precise nature of which is often unspecified). Or..act or behave in a specified way. Composition: events not narrated chronologically. Time continuity writer interruption retrospective, introspective narration and digressions. of course I am today or for many years out of quarantine ..
It was the safest in the womb. do not be surprised do not get out much out there and probably all at a crazy football match ... at least were ..
time 23:45 - Sayings characteristic of …

stumbled virgin with big boobs (or humankind)

Earth. It is often taken to mean the "natural environment" or wilderness–wild animals, rocks, forest, and in general those things that have not been substantially altered by human intervention, or which persist despite human intervention. First I wanted to make a joke for the title subject, but the meaning is found the second goal as well as a different meaning. We tried to find out what is in the human vocabulary hides behind the word innocence, and I did not like explaining the that only applies to a person's sexuality or Youth.. "explanation has nothing to do with science or with the medicine, man is not the center of the world!

this serves to protect life at the surface so gentle, beautiful, unspoiled, religious (divine) in all colors of the rainbow.
soil, atmosphere, radiation from the sun, water, and living organisms. interact with every other element in their local environment survival of certain species, ecological studies, conservation, solitude, and recreation…