Magnetic resonance imaging of the spine

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What are land invertebrates?
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perform (an action, the precise nature of which is often unspecified). Or..act or behave in a specified way.
Composition: events not narrated chronologically. Time continuity writer interruption retrospective, introspective narration and digressions.
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- Sayings characteristic of the rural environment, bureaucratic language, conversational, literary-polemical and rhetorical language;not to be written at the same time and read something else, I'm losing the thread...
and that was a good start.
Let's start again¨¨
Invertebrates (invertebrate or Avertebrata) are animals with no internal skeleton, kičmenice.
It belongs to them, a large number of species and about 97% of all the animals on our planet, as the largest potpleme Chordate, vertebrates include most of the animals that are known to human beings, such as fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, among which are people. Another feature of this potplemena the muscular system and the central nervous system, which is partially located in the spine.
"Invertebrates. The group of people with no attitude and character, which is like worms inside your ass just to extract any benefit. Often their goals bizarre "(downloaded from public sites)
"stoked me selfish people, arrogant, those who think that if they have money .... itself. invertebrates. people whose mood depends on the position of the planets"(this is not my letter nor message)
"It is interesting how they almost always only mediocre - but sycophants and invertebrates - progress in life, while those who want to know and are regularly ..."(not and still does not get an explanation-this is not my)
"People without principles are invertebrates. Because it is different to be .... just for civilization. People are moved from the rainforest and killed were due to food."(This is written by a smart man?)
stimulating communication with readers and approved scientific explanations...What would you do if someone asks you this simple question?
A good communicator is not born. Like other skills, and these can be learned.Many studies confirm that the positive relationships key to creating positive energy in other people's lives. The effects are long-term positive attitude than many assume. People who have built positive relationships in your life, health is twice as fast recovering, rarely suffer from cancer diseases, are less susceptible to heart attacks, have stronger immune systems and more likely duration of life. Confirmed the link between positive relationships with other people and the strength of the immune, cardiovascular and hormonal system.
Positive relations affect the better operating performance in a way that helps people to feel comfortable and safe, and that a higher concentration of focus on job performance.
One study found that if we want to achieve the maximum of the electronic modes of communication, we must first improve communication skills face to face.
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Many feel that they really are excellent communicators and problem naturally therefore lies not in them but cherish the view that the communication problems someone else's problems ..
("They do not understand us").
Result: Other people feel violated, humiliated, they have to fight ... Characteristic behavior: Wishes, needs and feelings expressed at the expense of others; The purpose: To dominate or humiliate other feelings of others: humiliation, hurt or anger and desire for revenge Outcome: Often we get what we want or to someone else's account; win-lose situation.
self-esteem and self-confidence comes from the humiliation of others, openly or using sarcasm and ridicule, the first type of damage is emotional nature..
If your opinion and your needs can not express openly, we allow others to not take into account the time we violate their Rights.
Other types of damage is that people just do not like the "invertebrates" - at first they complain and then they start to get on my nerves. "They do not appreciate us because we do not say openly what we think and how we feel."
Passivity - putting the needs of others ahead of our - "It does not matter, you can take advantage of me all you want, my needs are not important, they are yours"
Aggressiveness - we put our needs ahead of others - "This is what I want, but what you want is less important or unimportant"
Teaching - when someone needs to give advice or information, when one knows that there is a problem, but is not able to solve it, not informed or does not understand the problem. In this case it is important to say can help you to do better. In cases where it is necessary to teach do not have to invent the wheel and emphasize the problem, because people recognize the problem, but it is not able alone to solve.
 keep a positive attitude among counterparts and when discussing certain issues. This means that the situation in which I give negative feedback will result in anger, insult or similar but will on the contrary strengthen our relationship. Appropriate communication is the one that is honest and shows what an individual thinks and feels.
So, here you describe the behavior, but it does not estimate (do not evaluate)

"This is a problem" vs. "You're the problem."

A disabled communication
1.Superiornost - creating a bad image of others to a person who speaks looked good. Elevating himself at the expense of others (bragging); Using specific jargon (doctors, lawyers, government officials, etc.), underestimation of other people;
2.Rigidnost - non-recognition of other people's attitudes, communication, "I know everything" (there's no way to say I do not know, can you help but pretend to have the answer to all); no tolerance of criticism and avoiding the possibilities of alternative solutions provided by other entities and making it clear that our position is final
3.Indiferentnost - failing to focus on someone else's presence or importance (silence, failing, avoiding eye contact, interruption in someone else's sentence)
4.Nepristupačnost - failure to recognize other people's emotions or attitudes - "I do not understand", "wrong thinking", "Wrong you informed", "Oh, you have no idea." This happens when the other person want out of communication or relationship.

"I hope there are more alternatives than what you gave me. What do you say to them explore ?! ".
"Welcome to the Balkans".
Words are like bees, they are also among and sting.
Animal life in us: Which all kinds of dividing DNA