way of preparing certain dishes that are, with variations, present in today's regional, national and universal kitchens.
What is it to be a sweet tooth in your own kitchen; I'm more happy cooking or making than just feeding and eating with its I to Recently..
Croatian cuisine created by merging the various culinary traditions, from the Mediterranean to the continental and central, within which can be found and the immediate tradition (eg. Dalmatian, very nutritional quality, with specialties such as Slavonian Kulen, Istrian minestrone with various etc.).

gastronomist person who combines theory and practice in the study of gastronomy is to have been a bit more luxurious answers and I bet expensive ingredients and cooking techniques themselves..
I did not Michelin star but I was able to be ... long story ..
and quite different from the kinds of culinary the show, which is aired on television..Chef or cook is the name of the person who is cooking. One of the oldest trades in the world.

The interest is mainly done in the kitchen independent catering establishments (hotels, restaurants, pizzeria, snack bars, cafes) or other large objects for convenience with kitchen (hospitals, schools, larger companies, dormitories), or in some households where or common (embassy residences) or temporarily or permanently practical (household)

Kitchen interior has more in common with the Austro-Hungarian cuisine and sometimes Turkish. On the Croatian Adriatic are visible influences of ancient Illyrian and kitchen, and later Mediterranean cuisine, primarily Italian and French cuisine.

This is easiest version that we all love, we did mingled here local vegetables seasoned in a special way, with the addition of chicken and of course put in the oven bake.(otherwise mostly prepare meals in a pan for economic savings and speed)
This has nothing to do with the French terminology of culinary*
homemade dish prepared for centuries; rustic kitchen
we changed and what does not belong to the continental cuisine, good question but themselves Mediterraneans mixed lately International Cuisine..
You can not be gourmet if you really are not hungry and very gladan..ipak there must be gaps and the more hours between meals--
which vegetables ..
I'm a little tired of zucchini ,(a little before I got fed up with his own pate chickpeas and tuna)
there is new potatoes with shell and cut into quarters, green olives ..
fresh tomatoes and fresh carrots and zucchini seasoned .
as a spice chili spicy, blend of spices dried vegetables, salt, pepper,oil,water...This allows the simpler version of course he's a million ways to be upgraded.