we DO" goldenwork

contemporary fiber arts -one of these days-best work in fiber, like any medium, has observations, themes, or concepts at its core.
This is the work simply had to occur if someone who is not interested in him and this theme said the minimum than the minimum ..from a distance it looks especially despite the simple elements, which also took a long time to come to life, silk is of this very sensitive .

This image is called raw perfection-in addition to materials and techniques and I, I; artist's material that is renewed and forms a such as clay.

Goldwork (embroidery)
I used the usual black canvas background in this case combined with the end of certain textile and tvz.or imitation metal thread ..
This is a silk yellow gold color with the addition of white thread to bring a picture or scene in a second display.

to get a specific view of the technique used thread on paper, we get an effect like bulging?Why questionnaire? correctness of my results as finding specific words to describe my work"

What makes fiber art?
Art that is created using natural or synthetic fibers or techniques that are traditionally thought of as relating to fiber, such as sewing or weaving.
Many of the techniques and materials associated with fiber art include basketry, beadwork, braiding, clothing design, crochet, many methods of dyeing and surface design, including batik, shibori, hand-dyeing, natural or eco-dyeing; embroidery, crewel, applique, and other needle arts; encaustic; felting, including nuno felting, needle felting; hooking, including rug hooking and hooked art; knitting; knotting and knot tyeing; lacework; mixed media; sculpture; sewing; spinning; surface design; tapestry, textile design; wearable art; weaving, including jacquard weaving, hand weaving, saori, and many more.

Of course the story continues in the way the procurement of certain Materials #