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where "East meets West /Options - Betterment

here I am again after a bit of detachment and other actions which are part of my life ..
The real, tangible and mature adult in certain physical and mental condition with certain lifestyle that is common and ordinary and unusual..if I write about a vision or visual depends on events not only in my life but the entire social statistics..if man is like a man in the first place but his effort and work Unexempt of substances, materials and capital-different roles that we promote life depends on their earned amount;power, understanding, health and school.

expenditure of human labor: intellectual effort, muscular effort, psychological stress and time to achieve a goal, and as such was a medium of exchange (goods) from the earliest days of mankind.
organized activity of people, in order to achieve a useful effect, which can meet the specific types of personal or collective needs.
 A Guide To Self-Employment
Individual work is the work of the human individual, or as one of the shares of a production process.

Options - Betterment

Here's invested a lot of my time and effort
 My first treatment wooden boxes journey;and I told myself that I would not agree with that because a lot of people engaged
but we feed the curiosity and in this we have invested my Money*
what we do, not a supplement to pay
We want independence, freedom, creativity, decent earnings and naturally preserved Health!
I speak sometimes in the plural to emphasize a specific action in the text

A common definition of money shows that money (1) unit of account; (2) the value of the container; and (3) a medium of exchange, although most authors deem that the first two properties irrelevant and that follow from the last.

 kind of goods for which one can buy any other commodity
Self-employed people generally find their own work rather than being provided with work by an employer, earning income from a trade or business that they operate?
The Best Jobs For People With Disabilities ?
States have different monetary unit or currency. The money a country that many products and abroad to more search and its value (exchange rate, exchange rate) increases. Conversely money a country that many imports and exports little, little will and seek and value to his fall.
production costs shall include all costs of resources that are used to create Products
The working theory of value asserts that the value of goods depends on the total work needed to produce them.
Likeable or Not
My work on which was spent to 5 working hours
"has a value in the form of goods"

The term comes from the Latin manufactures manu facere - hand work
Lease payments are income from work, which differ by type of transaction-the protection of small and preschool children, family medicine, health care for women, occupational medicine and others. Service of school medicine and prevention services.
The average cost of an hour of work in Croatia last year amounted to 9.40 euros, or 71.70 kuna, according to the latest calculations -from newspapers.
Personality rights, for example, the right to physical integrity, reputation, health
right really, what you most want in life is to sell what you create?
experiences and trends¨¨

Alicia Shaffer's business, ThreeBirdNest, makes $80,000 a month selling handmade legwarmers, scarves, and headbands on Etsy.
So where are the customers, visitors and companions??¨¨
of course I know and knit and crocheting and all the other wonders ..
 for veterans who may have lost a limb or have some limitation resulting ...
very good and interesting


likable ‎(comparative more likable, superlative most likable)
Capable of being liked.
I suppose he's likable; why shouldn't he be?
(of a person) Having qualities tending to result in being liked; friendly, personable.
She's a naturally likable person, with lots of friends.



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