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between naive art, outsider art and art brut

The term "naive" (franc. Naïf) or "naive art" or "original art" or "primitive art" includes those artistic creators, painters and sculptors and their works from different cultures and locations around the world who cherish their own creative signature style of child , naive, infantile, non-academic enthusiasm.
no this is not the motive of children's coloring books carefully designed work
By the way when we took pictures, we got a little more informed, because I do not know how to give the name of all my work.
I just want to feel free to paint and I build in my art without thinking about the name of the style, direction and influence.

just in case, do not have the same two cups on the table, in one the bitter black coffee and art in another cup of water to work with watercolors, and so when we focused 4-5 hours / not paying attention every time the brush fly to Coffee.
here's my work,  share with artistic colony
We did not record video, just …

pokerwork or my wood burning

it must have beencreatedandcompletedwork*
troublesas always,search, orcreatepinsforwritingwith fire;I hada hammerin the handsandtried outa variety ofpins,which werea littleinappropriateformy hand,and thenwe arefrustratedandborrowedhis brother'smachinesoldered,of courseshe did notorigalantoolfor thisjob(overweightpullinglinescumbersomeanduncomfortableforartwork)

andagaincomplicatedtoo smallanddensemotifs(a lot ofdetails) maybeyou do not likewhere Iworkedpyrography-this is theboardforcutting-solid wood;smaller size forthe beginningnotto exaggeratein timeminimalsympatheticmotive(tooinvestedtime) I do notrecommendthis machinefor this typeof work. myDudlepeopleinNoah's Ark;notscrawl"madewith a sensewe gotsomething special;) As a beginning woodburner, avoid using very fine or intricate designs on uneven, coarse-textured wood. Softwoods are more apt to be fine or moderately coarse-textured. With some textures it may mean that you will have to compensate when burni…

think pink

think pink od murmurmuses sadrži givenchy makeup MANGO layering tank
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Current/Elliott super skinny jeans
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Semilla nude pumps

XO Design pink handbag
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Rose jewelry
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Alexis Bittar gold earrings
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Chicnova Fashion apple iphone case
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Minnie Rose tinted glasses
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Givenchy makeup

Lime Crime lipstick
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Processing digital images

Create and adjust photos, images, 3D work and another with Adobe Photoshop CC, the best photo editing software.Who would have guessed that this young lady has taken a few years ago and it was my own creation through photos .

photo-editing and designing software, which is mainly used for correcting image imperfections and for adding effects to photos;We gave a little magic touch and dramatic display; soften add nostalgia effect.High resolution images suitable for high profile professional photographers that this is a way of life and earnings; I just annoying huge pixels that show every pixel or anything, and freckles or wrinkle on my face.For that matter more is needed in cosmetic surgery than in practicing professional photography ..This picture was intended for a specific purpose, in the foreground should have earrings and not my face or look.In recent years, the popularity of Photoshop led to the creation of a new Internet abbreviations - fotošopovati (eng. To photoshop something).…

elegant and stylish

Fashion styles that never go out of Fashion,There is no rule that says you have to dress in only one way.Comfort is the key assumption that is often dictated by the style of dress. Neat body in combination with small breasts, easy gait in combination with narrow hips, elegant, swaying style dress with a touch of fine and bold bet.
You Do not like to impose or dictate a dress code and are not slaves to fashion trends.

curiosity and Technology

pilot project
I can only deal with art work to engineer computing need at least a couple of years of life with him, or he would have to do the technical programs at home.Joking aside why this pilot project?If anyone remember my post about a small webcam I think will understand my torment after ... After a couple of tried Numerous other small programs that enable the installation of some so called cameras that accept all applications then my little genius fall into the water as far as the bar of this topic .drown a couple of days trying to edit a webcam for communication recording. firm that deals with it will start throwing rocks at me-because according to them all these little smart programs correct (only on my computer is not working or nor accepts electronic the subject of a small camera that who knows how many million examples sold; (frustrated we contacted salesperson)I do not have datasheet of the DataFlash without support or program on a cD or similar media installation;but…

Survival Gear Self-defense driven

EDC Self Defence Stainless Steel Ring Finger Defense Ring Tool Survival Gear SEU in Sporting Goods, Camping, Hiking, Emergency Equipment | eBay

It is a good gift for your lover,family,friend and coworkers
100% Brand new and high quality
Material: Stainless Steel Survival is act of surviving; to stay living.  that seem necessary or useful for short durations in the wilderness;

image from my kitchen

some topicsaretaboofrom the kitchenbut for nowwe willtry tobreak themisconceptions(untruthsorhalf-truths) of course,to readandto constantlyenlightenment,notdoing someof myworksgetmoreoverallsocietyandsolvingsome ofthe verydisagreementsin myown kitchen.Each familyorindividualas yournext-door neighboreatin a different wayandithas itsownhabitsfromchildhoodhis mother'skitchen,in ourgeneticshavebuiltmemoriesandourgrandparentsandourown self. Smells, tastes,digestion,healthandawareness This is just oneexamplebecause italonerelying ona mixeddiet,habitsarehard tosolvebutareconstantlytrying tocontrol it,tastemedraggedto the Mediterranean.. thoughbornwhere there is noMediterranean plants. if thislight food?
If youweighthe quantity*yes"if youeatslowlyandchew onthis: thatifthe energy theyenteragainspend;husbandsusuallythenlay down on thecouch,digestionslows down..iftherearevarious medications,coffee,cigarettes, soft drinks, candy ,fruit ..afterthetrising"content ofacidin the stom…

## Basic safety on board (Basic Training)

of course that the specific name of Posts tries one always smart message, the day started ..
I turn on youtube and I'm off and closing down the computer a couple of times..or have the bad spirit in the Computer.Normally it annoyed because I'm trying to start the day that I wake up dormant senses;unless someone or something did not include some strange filters or ban/of an official or legal prohibition./ programmed but I have my own channel on Youtube as well as access follower events on the program ..I feel that something is happening but normally as a man and not the machine can not keep track of millions of news for 24 hours.
On our planet now live more than seven billion people, and estimates are that by 2050 that number exceed nine ...and I when I tell you that I am only one of the drops of rain, you will not believe.

Hand-held torch (hand flares, so-called. Bengal, eng. "Hand flare") are signals of a short-range light detection position at sea. To use, we must r…

Work on my way

new works luxury bracelet wire (simplicity, open space-with spirit) heater the neck still under construction, one part the end (Embroidery, silk ribbon, cotton, applications -(the action of putting something on a surface),a couple of different embroidery with the addition of gold korada. the split stitch creates a solid line with an added texture to it. This stitch is appropriate for text and outline as well, but it also works to fill designs and create variation from the running or backstitch. To begin, pull your needle and floss up through the fabric and create one straight stitch. the vintage variety, stitches are fun, and with practice, can become quite easy. There are two ways to do the running stitch: the first method is similar to hand sewing and can be completed by pushing the needle and floss in and over the fabric in one continuous motion; the second method can be literally pushing the needle through the fabric and pulling it back up. I have heard this called the “punch and …

Interior Design Ideas to Add Dimension

where we are, a little bit in my mind how to edit a home in the easiest way, without masters; it is not a new furniture but I could use a new environment colors and refreshments for walls.. Of course that does not stand still but for the eyegood comes refreshments, need playfulness, something spring and that I have lot of light and not dark space. What are the techniques of the simplest and fastest with a small investment, without too much effortlessly and they are available for my present condition, I thought about sponges or that it takes hours and hours of decorating and painting. I have not practiced shades of warm brown'm not even sure if I'm going to put them on the wall* young green was present but in a cold green version and not this pastel and gentle and only practiced one and the same color* This technique is a little heavier search precision and the help of friends, the colors are attractive but in every room provide different mood.. details, minimalism or antika-w…

Photography / Animals, Plants & Nature / Domesticated Animals

for the liberation of creative expression DevianArt Timeline
We believe that art is for everyone, and we're creating the cultural context for how it is created, discovered, and shared.Founded in August 2000, DeviantArt is the largest online social network for artists and art enthusiasts, and a platform for emerging and established artists to exhibit, promote, and share their works with an enthusiastic, art-centric community. We have over 38 million registered members and attract over 65 million unique visitors per month.

Doves, usually white in color, are used in a variety of settings as symbols of love, peace or as messengers Doves are often associated with the concept of peace and pacifism. They often appear in political cartoons, on banners and signs at events promoting peace (such as the Olympic Games, at various anti-war/anti-violence protests, etc.), and in pacifist literature. In the account of the Great Flood, God set the rainbow to a seal the alliance with man and nature, p…

Bad Hair Day or what we got to renovate

day started in a strange way; gloomy, damp, wet rainy..Not that I'm dying of boredom and invent a zillion things-or that all I'm doing this because writing or filling a blog..all these little things that sometimes you look around /the duration of creating a few hours or    several   day or more between I have obligations as any other person ..
I'm sorry people that I did not miss Parker or Carrie Bradshaw and why this is not the kind of entertaining complex jurnal or Sax & City. Otherwise, I live in the the settlement  of 7500 people a few kilometers from the City which is probably the unusual this kind of communication in society..I know that we are in 2016.year ,a mixed population of different thoughts/ young people are struggling to get everything the change-all things; all the things of a group or class-Generation from 40 ', 50', ..there are still those with no schooling, semi-literate;elementary school, high school and something with colleges. who she i…

the art or pastime

The process used to tailor, patch, mend and reinforce cloth fostered the development of sewing techniques, and the decorative possibilities of sewing led to the art of embroidery Handneedlework whathappensto mein thelate nighthours* hereisseveral waysof embroidery In free embroidery, designs are applied without regard to the weave of the underlying fabric flexibility lead to a variety of works, from the royal to the mundane.  handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn Cottonapplicationwithembroidery Crewel yarn is a fine 2-ply yarn of wool or, less often, a wool-like acrylic.
Embroidery floss or stranded cotton is a loosely twisted, slightly glossy 6-strand thread, usually of cotton but also manufactured in silk, linen, and rayon. Cotton floss is the standard thread for cross-stitch. Extremely shiny rayon floss is characteristic of Brazilian embroidery. Historically, stranded silk embroidery threads were described as sleaved or sleided in the sixteent…

Learn How to Crochet Lovely Lace for Your Next Project

newthreadwith beautifulcolors and patternsdecent price inwhat direction, I hope thatolderladiesrecognizethiswaycrocheting..* somewhatfreeandrelaxed style This stylecanwork well withneedlesfor theknitting-buttheremotivesandthereforerules* this wayyou can makea dress,shirtortop /Of coursea certainWeight ininthe thread(cotton) Croatianproduct testing ofthe old school This requirestoo muchloneliness... Crochet lace is an application of the art of crochet. Generally it uses finer threads and more decorative styles of stitching, often with flowing lines or scalloped edges to give interest. Variation of the size of the holes also gives a piece a "lacy' look. flashon the camerasomewhatcorruptimage display  styles of crocheted lace include filet crochet, Irish crochet and its modern derivatives, pineapple crochet. Freeform crocheted lace also exists, examples of which are pieces striving to imitate reticella lace Originally crocheted lace was not regarded as true lace-aware of thegravity ofperfo…