between naive art, outsider art and art brut

The term "naive" (franc. Naïf) or "naive art" or "original art" or "primitive art" includes those artistic creators, painters and sculptors and their works from different cultures and locations around the world who cherish their own creative signature style of child , naive, infantile, non-academic enthusiasm.
no this is not the motive of children's coloring books carefully designed work

By the way when we took pictures, we got a little more informed, because I do not know how to give the name of all my work.
I just want to feel free to paint and I build in my art without thinking about the name of the style, direction and influence.

here's my work,  share with artistic colony
We did not record video, just a couple of photo / sketch pen, adding motifs and characters,beading black; painting in shades and a final stamp.
Watercolor paints characterized by transparency and airiness and painting colors on the color can get extraordinary tonalities poetic character.With this mode, the color each time applied to a dry surface, ie, wait until the first layer of paint that we caused to dry, and then the second is applied, and so on. Because of the transparency of watercolors can be seen of the previous layers of paint, it offers opportunities for distinctive tone and coloristic expression.

from a needle to hay

challenges in my artistic expression, still looking for the fulfillment of mind and soul.

concerned about the many ways we started heavy combat, is limited due to financial investments and health conditions as well as attempts to open small shops to
materials are different because of certain reasons, although this would all prefer to retain in my safe...

combining to certain designs of jewelery, unique,created with the murmur lovingly, from cotton to semi-precious stones, symbols and pharmacy; art as a cure.Try starting their own small craft.
with all the little unique artwork there is a story, more of everything on (Murmur Muses blog)

that you do not confuse the title of the blog * all begins and ends with our hands and minds.

the study techniques of expression through art work.

it was hard work, we started with a metal needle and heating and after tiredness and lassitude we used electrical appliance that is not suitable for this style of writing.