Cannon EOS 1000D

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Canon EOS 1000D

Takes you into the world of creativity.

CMOS sensor with 10.1 megapixels and technology inherited from Canon's professional models, the EOS 1000D offers EOS imaging power in an affordable, easy-to-use.


LCD screen size of 2.5 inches with Live View mode

In Live View mode, you can use bright LCD screen size of 2.5 inches for framing and shooting from awkward angles. During playback, LCD provides detailed review of shots, and has a wide viewing angle for easy sharing photos with friends.

Take control of the look and feel of your images thanks to default style images. Contrast, sharpness and saturation can be customized in-camera or using a comprehensive software package Canon's supplied with the EOS 1000D.

The compact, ultra-lightweight body

The smallest and lightest Digital EOS camera yet, the EOS 1000D weighs just 450g and is ergonomically designed for comfortable handling.


Glowing  sunrise..
glowing sunrise
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Flickr ask our users to organize your images using tags, which provide specific search files by specific topics. Flickr is also one of the first Web site that introduced the tag-cloud that provide access to images tagged with the most popular keywords. Because of the possibility of using tags, Flickr cited as a real example of effective application of folksonomies.