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curiosity and Technology

pilot project
I can only deal with art work to engineer computing need at least a couple of years of life with him, or he would have to do the technical programs at home.Joking aside why this pilot project?If anyone remember my post about a small webcam I think will understand my torment after ... After a couple of tried Numerous other small programs that enable the installation of some so called cameras that accept all applications then my little genius fall into the water as far as the bar of this topic .drown a couple of days trying to edit a webcam for communication recording. firm that deals with it will start throwing rocks at me-because according to them all these little smart programs correct (only on my computer is not working or nor accepts electronic the subject of a small camera that who knows how many million examples sold; (frustrated we contacted salesperson)I do not have datasheet of the DataFlash without support or program on a cD or similar media installation;but are likely only intermediaries ... so now I'm sitting in front of the computer, staring as calf at the camera and program.I did not anywhere moved more than a few steps away from the starting point through the program to see desktop can record what is on it in the image and movement.So in my thinking should I buy a stand for ordinary small camera I use for the photo ..I'm not for Hangouts or something similar and I do not have an aunt in America or Japan to correspond with him.
This is something like the Asian numbers clothes; the lower part missing 20 cm at length trousers and upper fits like made to measure.
OK random lessons learned, we move on.
topics such topics do not always begin at this base, but it is something for the little discussion ..
conversations in chat rooms has long outgrown because the communication is not possible in the long run and with a large number of people;nor am always in the mood despite the language proficiency, the higher the ignorance and lack of communication However, I use a variety of tools to help.
My inner conversations (think) with no imaginary audience not kawai characters; someone will on that basis to overcome their obstacles.

Unique recording with the small disturbances
editing tools
Use specific testing programs for creating my small works in video

I did not test pilot for all; but of course through life and my work and the people..most do not even interested in my interest to visual art.(just plain survival)modeling the history and technique of art as well as the man of clay.
to mostly see an man, woman, girl, children 24 hours at a internetu(unsolvable problems, dulling pain )but here I am not talking only about me...*
If you think I'm a backdrop still I also pillar built by a certain type of people-intelligent, hard working, loyal, proud;I talk about my parents and forefathers.

.Due to the accelerated dynamics of changing media education Media requires constant adjustment. Communicologists warn of the lack of interest in education to the media. Despite the general recognition that education to the media becomes an essential part of civic education;The ultimate goal of media education media literate citizen who knows how to use the media to gather quality information, thereby knows effectively present their views and wishes and participate in public communication. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce uniform media education programs allowing citizens to develop knowledge, skills and attitude towards the media, and thus strengthen their critical awareness and responsible actions. Media education should be present at all levels of education, because without a media literate adults can carry out education for the media in children.
education; adults; media education; media literacy; lifelong learning

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