Guild of Straw

To mimic the varying shades of wood veneer, wheat or oat straw has to be split, then soaked in cold, warm, or hot water. The strips are then ironed, and there will be a variety of tones from pale gold to deepest dark brown.

inlaid work made from small pieces of variously colored wood or other materials, used chiefly for the decoration of furniture.

On the  my table  stand a small bundle of straw to be treated in this manner, but I do not have the background and motive ..
at least for now..

I wanted to do more precise miniatures, the idea still levitating in the air ..
whether it be painting or a small something for a souvenir?
This is not an easy job has multiple dimensions of application, I think about.
In the meantime, enjoy the view of our mischievous young Osijek artists who deal with the sculptures of the same material.
I'm a little cluttered in a small artwork, yesterday as well as dans think about it and leads me to fatigue -Some it seems the easier way but I delight in new discoveries and squeezes the sweat off my forehead,to stay in once during the techniques of art or thread idea does not have the excitement and enjoy the creations.
Land art (a. A word that means a landscape art) is a direction in contemporary art that developed in the sixties and seventies of the 20th century in America, as a reaction to the commercialization of art. This leaves art museums and galleries and developed monumental projects in free space. The inspiration for the development of land art was conceptual art and minimalism.
In the meantime, waiting for my tools ..
but not for this technique is already processing certain types of whether true clay or polymer¨¨