Interior Design Ideas to Add Dimension

where we are, a little bit in my mind how to edit a home in the easiest way, without masters; it is not a new furniture but I could use a new environment colors and refreshments for walls..
Of course that does not stand still but for the eye good comes refreshments, need playfulness, something spring and that I have lot of light and not dark space.
What are the techniques of the simplest and fastest with a small investment, without too much effortlessly and they are available for my present condition, I thought about sponges or that it takes hours and hours of decorating and painting.
I have not practiced shades of warm brown'm not even sure if I'm going to put them on the wall*
young green was present but in a cold green version and not this pastel and gentle and only practiced one and the same color*
This technique is a little heavier search precision and the help of friends, the colors are attractive but in every room provide different mood..
details, minimalism or antika-we know that these are all old techniques .

new colors for new and better mood
each space requires specialty and your own touch,but sometimes due to various influences converted into copies of other people's space, or your neighbors*how to prevent something that you will not be satisfied?
I recommend a bit to ask experts or read magazines on home decoration..and the money and the availability of Materials ..but happy way into a little unknown dimension.