moja umjetnost

I just made a small revision or overflight through my previous work that was created in a short period, sometimes day and night create and sometimes simply fly or levitate of creativity. What I see myself¨¨
tired, I'm trying to edit this post makes sense, I do not want to register online somewhere to get gaget for gallery; thus it is easier to transmit images and information-despite the writing on the blog I have available and on Facebook.
I go on, I see "well done job and indecision for the permanent technique in painting as a way of painting.Why go to abstraction and do not go to the easier techniques and motifs, something strange is going * too seen scenes and images..
I have a slightly different method of memory and experience of people, nature, objects, and so on.Try using various techniques, combining, exploring my own way!Basically this is not a mere THROWING PAINT AND BRUSH WITH infidelity*there is darkness, there viewing angles, specialties.I know that time will not be finished until the end of my life begins through writing and painting as well as other modes of expression..were invested hours and hours and times of day and into the night.I started with black ink and ordinary pen, sharpness motive..
It is not about lofty Mrs. "emphasis on work,profound thoughts, emotions melted down in metaphysics  through the sense of philosophy without empty chatter.
Did I happy-partially...
I know how I painted 20 years ago and more but it was all just for  my soul,Nothing is do not have to someone to share, loses meaning, effort..and the  ART root is in the family .