Polymer Clay Orient Express

Eberhardt Faber and marketed under the name "FIMO" (FIfi's MOdeling compound).
I'm going to shorten; to start it and it turned out well ..
choice of colors unusual deep-blue, yellow and soft white effect
we got a new addition to the family a small tool gold worth but it keep for the sculpture or something in clay.
Of course this tool can be used for polymer clay
Polymer clay can be used to make a variety of folk-crafts and jewelry. Air dry formulations, are sometimes referred to as self-hardening polymer clay (such as Deco, cold porcelain, etc.), however these clays contain no polymers.

Of course we had a small troubles, we went on a faster and simpler version that is for me a little longer persists in making.
We added a personal touch as I tried to make a personal cutters .
we used methods; The Mokume-Gane Technique
for the someone in a crazy unnecessary busy day ..
take time and patience.
Moreover the duration of the cooking instructions to 110 Celsius for 30 minutes.
details we had to again add a little "Murmur" with black marker painted personal details to get a little alive..
Here is a final coating, drying
size perhaps for the a necklace or brooch..
I do not have all the elements unless we find something on the bottom of the closet.
 training and detection