using a crochet hook

There are five main types of basic stitches. 1. Chain Stitch - the most basic of all stitches and used to begin most projects. 2. Slip Stitch - used to join chain stitch to form a ring. 3. Single Crochet Stitch - easiest stitch to master Single Crochet Stitch Tutorial 4. Half Double Crochet Stitch - the 'in-between' stitch Half-Double Crochet Tutorial 5. Double Crochet Stitch - many uses for this unlimited use stitch Double Crochet Stitch Tutorial
The more advanced stitches include the Shell Stitch, V Stitch, Spike Stitch, Afghan Stitch, Butterfly Stitch, Popcorn Stitch, and Crocodile Stitch

This is one of the last night, we fought with white and black with a thin cotton thread;
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of course I have dealt with and studying the techniques of embroidery
Embroidery stitch
In everyday language, a stitch in the context of embroidery or hand-sewing is defined as the movement of the embroidery needle from the backside of the fabric to the front side and back to the back side. The thread stroke on the front side produced by this is also called stitch. In the context of embroidery, an embroidery stitch means one or more stitches that are always executed in the same way, forming a figure.  Embroidery stitches are also called stitches for short.
in this case there is no fabric we use a needle and thread only.

Crochet or crochet, the setting up of lace or sometimes twists of cotton thread, which is used when only one needle with a hook at the top, hence the name for this skill. Different patterns on the lace obtained by passing the end of the current stitch to form a new stitch, depending on the method of setting and connecting stitch can occur three basic stitches of "long", "short-compact" and "eyebolts-sticks" as well as any combination thereof. With the knitting needles can get more different samples.
Here we use both techniques in addition to the original red corals,in the first example and the second example may leave simplicity...I hope that those who use translators still need to know that a word has multiple meanings as in Croatian and in English language.
process of making fabric from wool or thread
Although crochet lost popularity, the early 21st century has brought a revival of interest in handicrafts and "do it yourself" hobbies, as well as great strides in improving the quality and diversity of the end. There are many more books with modern schemes and many shops offer classes end crocheting, knitting with traditional classes.
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