(What Women Want) a lie and true a religion of slaves and masters the God of free men."

They say that women do not like action movies, horror and science fiction. Allegedly..
Normally when we are not a good mood then and texts assume a different form.I'm not a person who life described as a fairy tale .

and my feet need air
I usually like to watch the romantic comedy (What Women Want) but believe that you should never wish that you can hear other people's thoughts.
However hard it is when everything goes through scientific analysis, the first look of the film is excellent, others view you might still entertain ..but through time to ripen and ever-changing forms and meanings.
So maybe I'm not fun ..¨¨
¨¨but i'm not here for fun"

to name all the people that avoid at certain times ..
doctors, lawyers, bankers, former love,successful than you,richer than you,priests,teachers and scientists...boring, tedious, and the problem concerned...
hey, this is your mom, dad, uncle, next door neighbor .

Let's all get some rest and have fun on the Internet!
This society is not a virtual game called Sims¨¨

The wolf and the goat

Wolf noticed that the goat on a steep cliff green buds. Since he could not get to it, trying to get her to come down. He warned that went down because of the steep cliffs, and it reckless and that the meadow where he stands grassy and floral. Goats to him, said, "Are you asking me out to pasture to feed or you miss the food?"

Evil people their conversion will not deceive those who are determined and such well-known.

Nothing without a good old Aesop

I'm not in the sub-division of the United Nations or as I am, main objective is to contribute to peace and security by promoting collaboration among nations in the fields of education, science and culture in order to improve the general respect for justice, the rule of law, human rights and fundamental freedoms..
all people have the "right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and even women!
We are not exotic creatures from the mountains of Venus and the sun Jupiter and dads Santa Claus

someone makes  happy material goods and some spiritual, some loves football and I hold a book.
and with the weather storms and wormholes*
Whether you want Rainbow in my hair and the stars in the eyes and magic pen in my hands?
Yet in this life must be different and have different historical stream..lose the joy, patience, democracies, serenity..

Pride is a feeling of great satisfaction with oneself, and respect yourself in the "whole".

a form of defense  common sense of everyday life